In the lead up to Easter it’s pretty much a craft bonanza at our house. We have a few rules:

  1. It’s got to be kid-oriented and age appropriate (eg. no origami or glass blowing!) . This year my kids are 3 and 2 (and 10 weeks, but he doesn’t really count this year- sorry little man!).
  2. It should be an activity that the kids can do the majority of themselves so they can work on their fine motor skills, creativity and imagination. Some activities may require difficult scissor work, which may need adult help. The photos I’ve added in this post are the efforts that look most like what I expected! A lot of the craft we completed looked vastly different from one to the next, which is fine too. 🙂
  3. It should be inexpensive to do (eg. no fancy paint brushes, sequins or cartridge paper)
  4. The mess should be as minimal as possible (eg. paint is fine, but glitter is NOT IDEAL). I’m fine with mess as long as it’s not permanent!
  5. The art and craft activity should ideally use things I already have in the pantry or craft boxes

So here are some of the craft ideas we’ve completed so far…

Dyed Eggs: This one was pretty easy. Grab some eggs, boil them, then put them into food colouring with a drop of vinegar. We drew our initials and some patterns on the eggs with white crayon first to add extra effect. This was a more parent-oriented activity with the kids choosing the colours they wanted their eggs, and doing the crayon part. Obviously the hot water and food colouring was an adult responsibility. The more food colouring the more vibrant the eggs will be.

Here’s a link the might be helpful:

Popstick Chicks: These were easy and fun! Glue, colourful feathers, popsticks, googly eyes, coloured paper and you’re done! My kids made many more that were less chicken-coloured, but this photo shows the more traditional ones!

Links here for more pop stick instructions:

Crafty Morning

Craft Create Cook

Easy Peasy Fun

The Bunny Butt craft idea from Easy Peasy Fun was simple and quick. We wrote on ours and will give them to grandparents on Sunday for Easter (lucky grandparents! Haha.).

Our Bunny Toilet roll Stamp was great because we got to use our endless supply of recyclables to create it. Plus, it didn’t require much paint. Hit the link for more instructions.

Balloon Bunny

No explanation needed for this one! We’ve had a whole family of balloon bunnies in our lounge room this week!

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  • Here are a couple of quick and easy art activities inspired by Winter. SNOWFLAKE DECORATIONS You will need: PaperScissors Method: Start with a square. Fold in half to make a triangle, then fold the points upwards (check picture for reference) Then draw the snowflake design and cut out! Make a few in different sizes and decorate a wall or door! SNOWMAN SURPRISE You will need: Clear contactScissorsColoured card (or an old cereal packet you can cut up and colour)Either old lace doily from an op shop, cotton balls or white paper Method: This one is really simple but kept my three year old entertained for quite some time and she was thrilled with the result. Simply draw the snowman shape on the contact. Cut out and peel off backing. Stick to door or wall by folding over a couple of centimeters at the top and bottom. Let your child decide what accessories the snowman will have. If they can draw and cut them out by themselves, give them ownership of their artwork. My three year old drew the circle buttons, the lines on the carrot and the shape of his smile and I cut them out for her.

  • Easter is upon us and if you’re anything like my family we are looking for any excuse to get into the spirit of things and make it fun for the kids! This year we have decided to decorate our home ‘Easter’ style with a few fun art activities Bunny Ears... You will need: CardboardGlitter/textas/sparkly things!ScissorsCraft GluePaintbrushHot glue gunWool/string Method: Cut out two bunny ear shapes and one long thin rectangleLet your child paint on the glueDecorate to hearts content (use anything! We used glitter (much to Daddy’s dismay as he had cleaned the floors the day before)Let dry Use glue gun to stick the ears onto the rectangle (watch out it’s hot!)Get an adult to pierce holes in each side and tie on wool or stringGET HOPPING! Old School Spud Stamps You will need: PaintPaintbrushThick paper or cardboardKitchen knife Method: Get and adult to cut out some simple shapes into a halved potato. Your child will love painting the stamp and pressing it onto the paper. Wait until the paint has dried and then cut out the egg shapes to decorate the house with! We used fluro paint and decided to decorate our back doors! They glow in the blue light…

  • Playdough (or Play Doh) can get a bit pricey when you need to buy a lot or often and also at the current time, a bit impossible to find at the shops. Not to worry, just make your own at home. It's SO easy and you've probably got everything you need at home! Play Doh using Cream of Tartar (this one works better I think so if you can find some cream of tartar choose this one) 1/2 cup salt1 cup plain flour2 tbs cream of tartar1 cup water1 tbs oil A few drops of food colouring (if you want it)A few drops of essential oils to make it smell nice (if you want it) Mix it all together using a mixing bowl or your thermie and voila! You're done! This dough will store in an airtight container in the fridge for several months. Play Doh without Cream of Tartar 1 cup of flour1/4 cup of salt3/4 cup of water1 tablespoon of vegetable oilA few drops of food colouring (if you want it)A few drops of essential oils to make it smell nice (if you want it) Here are some ideas of how to get creative with your playdough! Go for…