5 Ways to not look tired when you feel like a Mumbie (mum zombie)

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Post from Rachel Paues of Little Bird Styling

We love our children and would do anything for them but when you start freaking your own kids out due to your Mumbie status and everyone is asking you if you are ok and commenting “you look tired”, it may be time to try out one (or all) of these top 5 ways to not look tired when you feel like a Mumbie.

  1. Wash it all away

Sometimes this is easier said than done but there is nothing better than getting into a shower and letting the water run through your hair to your scalp, over your face, onto your shoulders, all the way down to your toes.  It’s the perfect starter to your day even if you only have a 5 minute window.  A deliciously warm shower will refresh your mind and revitalise your body.  Call it a shower meditation if you like.  Don’t worry about washing your hair or shaving your legs – do that later, for now you want to boost your energy and eliminate some of the mumbie feeling!

  1. Get your glow on.

There are plenty on the market and they are your one stop shop.  CC stands for colour correcting so it will even out your skin tone, moisturise, contains sunblock and due to being a bit thicker than a CC cream it will help hide those tired lines, dark circles and minimise any blemishes.  It’s magic in a tube.  Not really but it will definitely help those time poor mums who want to wear makeup but think it is all too hard.

  1. Brighten your day with colour

Even on a makeup free day, wearing colour on the top half of your body, particularly one that compliments your skin tone, it will brighten your eyes, bring colour to your cheeks and make your skin glow.  If you are having a dark colour day, throw on a scarf or bright coloured accessory like a necklace or earrings.  Learn your colours ladies and what works for you and this will become one of the quickest, easiest tricks you’ll ever do.

  1. Get dolled up

Wearing something that you look and feel good in will help give you a mental and physical boost.  It’s so normal to roll out of bed and throw on the nearest thing to you, but taking 5 minutes before bed to pull something together to wear for the next day will help to eliminate some of that morning stress and it’s one less thing to worry about – guaranteed no grubby fingers or baby spew on the back of your clothes!  This is particularly good to do for working mums who need to get out the door fast but still look like they made an effort.

  1. Work the Bun!

Getting a brush through your hair is sometimes a luxury we can only dream of but learn the art of a messy bun.  It’s on trend, it will give you a slight face lift and it looks like you made an effort even though your wearing a rubber band you found around the letters the postie delivered yesterday.  It also doesn’t matter if your hair is full of dry shampoo and hasn’t seen a hairdresser in a while.



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