Its fair to say that life is pretty intense right now. Things we have always taken for granted (I am looking at you toilet paper) are now scarce! Simple things like a runny nose and a cough now cause a panic attack. So when Tim’s Mr 5 came down with a nasty cough and a runny nose, he was straight to the GP….but going to the GP at the moment is waaaay different to what you remember! So to share what to expect if you take your little one to get looked at, keep reading.

The first thing that was different to our local GP was no more online bookings, so we had to call (ugh phone calls!) Because Mr 5 had symptoms similar to COVID-19, they ask a heap of questions and gave us specific instructions. We had to park in the carpark, call them and await further instructions.

Check in was done over the phone and we got told to sit on some chairs outside (our lovely GP has a nice little verandah spot so it was actually quite nice if it wasn’t for the terrifying global pandemic going on around us). Next out came our Doctor, dressed in his protective gown. He was sensational for the little guy, joking around as he put on his face mask and gloves. Not scary at all!

Thankfully Mr 5 has a little ordinary runny nose virus, but parents still need a certificate for work right? The Doc then went inside, sorted the certificate and brought it out to us. So during the whole appointment we never went inside the clinic, didn’t see any staff apart from our Doctor and saw no other patients.

Obviously every GP will be a little different, but we got this appointment (bulk billed too) only a few hours after we booked and they handled it brilliantly. Everyone is a little on edge at the moment but we have the world’s best health care professionals and it was clear from our first experience in this strange new world that we will be OK, but it may be a tad different for a while.