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Acre and Ash Grazing Studio

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  • Where: 21 Seventh Street, Murray Bridge
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  • Phone: 0472 733 925

Going to be honest, one of our favourite things is having an incredible brunch, but sometimes our least favourite things (actually….things that suck!) is going out for brunch with kids. You know what we are talking about. Those very trendy sort of places, where you sit on a reclaimed chair found on a side of a road, crammed in like a peak hour tram and the kids won’t eat the $18 açai bowl because it has ‘bits’ in it. Good times hey. We have to put it out there, Acre and Ash Grazing Studio at Murray Bridge is not only our 2020 winner of best babyccino, but probably the winner of our fave family brunch/lunch venue in Adelaide. We have eaten a lot of food and we really can’t think of many better. Let’s tell you why…..

Firstly, how great does it look! The styling and space is just so peaceful, which is really hard to pull off because kids tend to make any space they inhabit ‘not peaceful’. But on our visit, we had a clan including a 6 year old and tween girls and they all just loved it! WIth comfy seats and and big tables set nicely apart, it really was so great to actually sit down with the fam for a meal.

Now, here is where Acre and Ash hits you with the bonus awesomeness….the undercover family area! What a space. With lots of seating (which was being enjoyed by a heap of families while their little ones played) we legit had to drag Mr 6 away to leave. You can expect a kids play kitchen, little slide, big chalk board as well as a private parents room, it is easy to see why this place is so popular. Ebony and Matt have done an incredible job here (especially opening just before that blasted pandemic too) and you can tell how much thought they’ve put into making this absolutely family friendly.

So, a fantastic spot needs to be topped off with brilliant food…which thankfully is delivered in spades here (not actually in spades, they do give you plates…free dad joke there for you). We visited on “Burger Friday”, which really should be a national holiday in our opinion, so we tried out the Brioche Burger as well as the Cheese and Bacon burger. Mr 6 smashed down the kids pancakes because YOLO. They also offer a fab kids grazing plate too, and I’m sure my kids would have loved it had they not been full of pancakes and milkshakes.

There was a really good variety on the kids menu (and very well priced) so you won’t break the budget. You know a place is great for the kids when, before you have even left, they ask when you are coming back.

For the adults, the coffee was fantastic (trust me…wouldn’t write that if it wasn’t) and you just have to try the home made cakes. They were so good, we committed the cardinal sin of food photography blogging and ate them before a photo was able to be taken. The banana cake was oh. my. god. So good.

We also have to give them a shout out for winning the Kids in Adelaide 2020 Babyccino of the year award! They won our vote by a landslide and after Mr 6 smashed his down, you can see why it is so popular! They also offered a range of ‘baby’ drinks too just in case your little tacker wants something different.

We honestly couldn’t recommend Acre and Ash Grazing Studio enough. A fabulous small family business, with friendly hosts who genuinely care that you have a great time. Get on up the freeway and check it out!

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