Adelaide Hills Christmas Trees have been selling Christmas trees in the Adelaide Hills for many years and have lots of familiar faces coming back to see us every year. Our Christmas trees are trimmed for a fresh, bushy appearance. They are smell beautiful and they often rekindle childhood Christmas memories. Getting a real Christmas tree is part of the past, and customers often have stories of how their grandfather used to chop down a tree. It’s not just about the tree, it’s what it represents. Choosing a tree is part of the Christmas ritual – to many it’s the start of Christmas.

Deciding on the perfect tree can take quite a while for some and it’s usually a family decision, with mum, dad, kids and the dog involved. The Christmas tree is a special part of Christmas, it’s the focal point with the decorations, lights and presents under the tree. Putting up and decorating the tree involves the whole family, with dad getting it steady, mum digging out last year’s decorations and kids deciding whether it’s a star or angel on top of the tree.

Adelaide Hills Christmas Trees lease yard space in Adelaide Hills Garden Supplies in Verdun (Hahndorf Freeway Exit), and bring in fresh, bushy trees daily that can be ordered for pickup or delivery. We sometimes sell out of trees for the day if we get busy so please pre-order, if you pre-order you can still choose your own tree. If you don’t have a trailer, you can put it on the roof or inside the car. If you don’t have fold down seats, it can go in the back seat with the tip sticking out of the window – easy! They won’t make a lof of mess as they are freshly cut. It really works and is fine for getting your tree home.

Adelaide Hills Christmas Trees also sell Christmas Tree stands which keep the tree steady and safe. Your Christmas tree will easily last 4 weeks if looked after properly. Be careful about buying the biggest tree you can find, they are heavy, hard to handle, and you’ll need a big, sturdy stand to keep them in. A 6′ tree looks great when it’s decorated, a 7′ tree is wow! If you want it higher, raise the stand and put all the presents in the gap under the tree.

You can pre-order Christmas Trees for pickup or delivery at