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School Holiday Kids Cooking Classes in Adelaide

Holidays are catered for at Scoffed Cooking School with the Food Chiefs Entree classes running daily, whilst for older kids have their more gourmet and more demanding Food Saucerers’ program where recipes created are aspirational dishes like croquembouche, chocolate delice and wild mushroom, spinach and onion gallette! Click the dates below to see what’s on these school holidays

Scoffed School Holiday Program – Dec/Jan


Kids Cooking Classes in Adelaide

Floury faces, sticky fingers, mucky aprons and messy bench tops are on the menu at Scoffed School of Food and Fun.

Every Thursday and Saturday, there is an excitement and laughter at the Scoffed Cooking School Food Chiefs Program as kids aged 5 and over don their aprons and hats to learn the tricks of the trade. Watch them cook something new every week as they try their hand at everything from Japanese pancakes (Okonomyaki) or healthy chicken nuggets, to apple crumble and pumpkin brownies.


At the end of term they are awarded their colored wooden spoons and show off what they have learnt by cooking a dish for mum and dad.

And once Food Chiefs have collected all their colored wooden spoons, they get their very own ‘Food Chiefs’ Apron and Hat.

Kids classes include:

  • Yummy meal at the end of each class
  • Meeting new taste buddies and using a bit of the boring stuff from school (Maths and English)
  • Tuition from their nurturing chefs
  • Aprons and Hats
  • All ingredients
  • Recipes
  • A big dose of fun (giggling optional!)



Food Chiefs Entree Class age 5+


*Their classes are open age unless stated, but children under 6 must be supervised by an adult for the duration of the class.


Food Chiefs Master Class 7+

$40 for a more in depth class over 2 hours where kids get to make more complex dishes from scratch. Located at their premises in St Morris.

We will run 4 of these classes over the 2 weeks covering pasta/pizza, gourmet burgers and buns, and sweet tarts.

Book here for the full timetable or contact


Food Saucerer’s class age 8+

$75 for a 3 hour advanced class. Limited numbers. Located at their premises in St Morris. 

Is your child glued in front of Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules?

If so, this is the class where they can emanate their heroes by learning how to cook everything from chicken jus to a mini croquembouche!

This class runs every afternoon from 2.30 pm – 5.30 pm except Fridays and Saturdays.

Places are limited to 10 in each class, so please book quick to avoid disappointment. Generally, there aren’t left overs (because they eat everything), but just in case they want to take some home for later, please bring containers with you.

And for the Big Kids…..

If you’d like to be as relaxed in the kitchen as Jamie, as inventive as Heston and as pedantic as Gordon, you’ve come to the right place.


Scoffed mix all three ingredients together to ensure you not only learn, but have lots of fun.

Whether you’re discovering more about a regional cuisine that you have a penchant for learning how to be healthier or simply looking for some weekday meal inspiration, their international chefs will put you through your paces in a relaxed and entertaining way.

What about a unique dinner party or night out with friends? Group cooking classes are a great alternative to a traditional meal at a restaurant.


Or for further details, please contact us on 0410 965 692 or at


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