If you’re someone who wishes they could go snorkeling but just cannot your brain to get over the whole breathing under water factor you should take a look at the AquaMask full face snorkel.


Kids and 2 Adult sizes available.

I’d seen these around on social media and a few times at the beach (they’re pretty hard to miss if you see them on the beach) and after my 5 year old tried and tried to get comfortable with a regular snorkel and couldn’t, I decided to contact AquaGear and see if we could get some to try out.

We ordered a Kids AquaMask II and an Adult AquaMask II and have been using them over the last week up here on the Gold Coast. They are FUN! They also look pretty funny…….but seriously who’s winning any style awards with a snorkel on their face?

They look hilarious out of the water!

The full face design allows you to breathe comfortably through either your nose or mouth while you are snorkelling. You know how with a regular snorkel your nose is blocked up in your eye mask while you’re mouth does all the in and out breathing…..well the AquaMask allows you to breathe normally. You don’t panic and hyperventilate trying to work out how to breathe.

You also don’t get any water in your mouth which is great for little ones who are learning.

Chasing fish. How good is Dad’s underwater running style in the background

The mask itself is flat and allows for a 180° degree view, it didn’t fog up at all for us, like other masks we’ve tried do, and the straps don’t rip half your hair out when taking it on and off.

My 5 year old finds it really comfortable and easy to use. She didn’t panic at all like she was with the conventional snorkel which meant she could stay under the water for longer. Not long enough to find my the earring I lost in the ocean today though unfortunately…….made for a good challenge though!

Oh and please don’t forget (like I did) to lather some extra sunscreen on your back, your bum and the backs of your legs. All that time bum up in the water can lead to some nasty sunburn if you’re not careful!

And of course if you’re going to go snorkeling, it’s pretty cool to be able to take photos of what you see under there. AquaGear also sell the ProShot Touch and ProShot Dive waterproof iPhone cases that allow you to turn your phone into an underwater camera!

It’s really easy to use and you’ll hold your breath in fear the first time you submerge it. But we’ve used it flat out all weekend with no issues. Phone stays bone dry and some of our underwater footage is awesome! Love the floating handgrip with lanyard too……just in case.

AquaMasks and ProShot Touch waterproof iPhone case are both available online at www.aquagear.com.au. Aquamasks are currently ON SALE with prices starting at $89.95 for kids and adults sizes. ProShot Touch is $129.99

They also offer AfterPay and ZipPay!!

Note: If you’ve tried, or heard of other people trying similar types of masks and they fog up or are not comfortable to wear it’s probably not this brand. We had a quick go of a friend’s mask bought elsewhere and it doesn’t even compare. The other one fogged up, made my eyes hurt with salty fumes and was no where near as comfortable. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to these types of products.


I received our AquaMasks and ProShot Touch free of charge for the purposes of this review. I contacted them and did not receive any monetary payment for this review. As for all reviews from Kids in Adelaide the above is honest and in my own words.

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