**UPDATE: BEEP is showing at the Dream Big Festival 29th May to 1st June 2019. Click here for more info on those shows.**
DON’T MISS BEEP – our favourite family show to date, this is children’s theatre at it’s best! We checked out this awesome family show at the Adelaide Festival Centre today and OMG you definitely need to take the family to see this. Our kids are nearly 3 and 5 years old and they were completely engrossed in the whole performance. The usually shy 5 year old told the wonderful Windmill staff after the show that “that was the best show I’ve ever been to!” and he talked about it all day since. Seriously, even my husband who isn’t the theatre kind has been raving about how good Beep was and what a wonderful way of introducing kids to theatre.

Bep plays in the Space Theatre at the Adelaide Festival Centre which was the perfect size, with even the smallest kids able to see the whole production. It was packed out on the session we attended, and had plenty of kids sitting on cushions down the front as well which was great. The performance held the audience of kids from babies to 8-9 year olds captive for the whole show, with the kids fully engaged, watching, listening and laughing the whole way through. Beep even has parts where the whole audience gets to stand up and be involved. Don’t worry, you don’t have to get on stage, and the kids aren’t encouraged to get too wild, but it really adds to the experience for the younger audience members.

Beep is about the lovable Mort, his little sister and their quiet town who get quite the surprise when Beep arrives from another world. The 3 Windmill cast members talk with the audience, as well as operate the gorgeous puppets and their movement between them is seamless. The story takes the audience through the discovery of new friends, the good things that happen when you’re brave and how working together gets great results. It’s a wonderful journey, one that is easily interpreted by even the youngest kids, and one that I would gladly take our family back on again – especially since the kids have been asking to go again already! After the show ended the audience even get up close and take photos with the cast and puppets, which all the kids (& adults!) loved. Don’t forget to sign up before the show (or be quick immediately afterwards) to make your own windmill or robot on the craft tables in the foyer afterwards too.

If you’ve never taken the family to the theatre before then Beep is definitely the show to start them on their love for theatre, opening their imagination and wonder to a whole new world of entertainment. I remember all the fun I used to have at ‘Something on Saturdays’ as a young child and am excited to bring my children some of those delights now – and to see them enjoy every minute of Beep was awesome. Our kids have their windmills by their beds tonight and I’m sure they will provide many a fond memory of what a fabulous production Beep is. Bravo to the team at Windmill Theatre and Adelaide Festival Centre for bringing such a delightful theatre show to the youngest of audiences.

Beep runs at the Adelaide Festival Centre with all tickets $20