Summer in Adelaide means beach cricket, hot weather, swimming, impromptu catch ups, and trying not to take the same salad to every barbecue you attend. Here’s a little life-saving list we’ve compiled of our BEST SUMMER SALADS from the Kids in Adelaide team. Make sure you let us know your favourites too! (The easier the better!)

Watermelon, Feta and Mint Salad (Fleur)

I mean really. Is it actually a salad without feta? So here we are. You get your watermelon. Wedge it. Ball it. Cube it. Go your hardest. Crumble the feta on top (You can never have too much. And if you do, just eat it before your serve it). Granish with some super fresh mint leaves and you are ready to WIN the salad wars.

Red onion, Cucumber, Cherry tomato, Lettuce….and a drizzle of French dressing. (Diana)

Diana has gone all Nigella on us with her drizzle in this salad! To construct this easy summer salad, you only need about half a red onion, sliced thinly. The rest of the ingredients you just throw on top of the lettuce. Iceberg lettuce only of course! None of this rocket hullabaloo. Please see below article on why iceberg lettuce is still #1 in my books. From the New Yorker no less!

Rocket, Pine nuts, Red onion, Olive oil, Balsamic & Parmesan (Jenn)

Firstly, Jenn has broken my rule by using rocket instead of iceberg. But I will forgive her because she is a very lovely person, and she talks with her hands more than I do, which I find strangely reassuring.

How to? Whack some oil in a pan. How many pine nuts would a pine nut eat? Well, just throw in enough pine nuts to cover a pine cone. Toast them until toasted. Be subtle with the red onion. But not too subtle. The olive oil and balsamic can have a nice little swirl together before adding. Shave some parmesan on last of all. Remember: You can never have too much cheese.

Pasta Salad (Victoria)

This is an easy pasta salad. And I’m all about carbs. And cheese. And easy-to-make food. You’ll need spiral pasta, some fried bacon pieces,  capsicum pieces, onion diced finely. Add some  basil or something green. Stir through some Thousand Island dressing, put in fridge, take out of fridge, eat, done.

Crispy noodle salad (Jacki)

Buy a packet of Chang’s Fried Noodles and follow the recipe.

80’s Flashback Four-beans salad (Jacki)

Because what could be better than eating a salad while listening to MC Hammer and wearing your Kylie Mole t-shirt? This one is made for those days when you have another bbq to attend, but you’re still recovering from a last minute neighbourhood gathering  last night.

If it’s not clear. You need a can of Four Beans. Drain. Put in bowl. Stir. Garnish with a spoon. You can add corn, parsley green beans, and place on a bed of spinach if you’re going somewhere REALLY fancy.

Pearl Cous Cous, Red Capsicum, Bacon, Onion and Honey Mustard dressing, with Feta (Roxy)

What’s MOST important about this salad is that you make it really well known the Pearl Cous Cous is sourced directly from the Broome freshwater pearl cous cous farms. And the honey is from Kangaroo Island gender-equality bees (the Queen Bee lets the bloke bees take it in turns being king for a day). How to do this one: Cous Cous in first, making sure it has cooled first. Add the rest, making sure the bacon is crispy when cooked and be sparing with the onion. The honey and mustard dressing is to your taste. Add this last and give the salad a little wobble once in. Plonk Feta on top like you OWN the Broome pearl cous cous farm.

Barbecued squid with romesco sauce (Michelle)

Okay, so this one does actually require following a recipe so best you look at the link here to find out just how to concoct this DELICIOUS salad. For me, the key to this salad is that I have found a friend who can make it for me. Thanks Michelle!

M&M Big Bowl Salad (Fleur)

This one’s a winner. You’ll need a few large packets of M&M’s and, as the name suggests, a Big Bowl. Toss the M&M’s into the bowl and give it a little swirl. And you’re done! If you’re feeling especially creative, you can purchase different types (peanut, plain, crispy..) of M&M’s to really spruce it up.

Good old fashioned Rice Salad (Victoria)

You know the one with sultanas. Grab some:
Rice, parsley, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, Praise Mayo, sultanas or olives. Throw some tuna and yellow capsicum in for extra flavour and colour if you like too.

Mix it like a rice salad should be mixed. Put it in the fridge. Then chill for a bit. Don’t know, how you do, the salads that you do, oh well add a spoon and we can all scoop-scoop-scoop, scoop-a-doop, scoop-a-doop, scoop-a-doop-a-doop-a-doop.