Specialising in children’s parties, workshops, corporate functions, weddings and events across Adelaide for over 10 years, Splodge is able to organise the perfect art, craft and messy play experience for children of all ages!

Although Splodge recently vacated it’s Warradale play café premises, they remain committed to providing high quality customised parties and events to homes and locations such as community centres and parks around Adelaide.

In addition to parties and events Splodge also have extensive experience running school holiday programs throughout many shopping centres.

Splodge are extremely excited about reopening Splodge HQ in the near future which will include a new range of party packages; plus Messy Play Sessions, Kindercraft workshops, School Holiday Programs, an interactive play space and Montessori learning sessions.

Our space will accommodate group bookings for school, early learning & child care centre excursions and the expansion of our incursion programs incorporating the Early Years Learning Framework.

With children’s education training our creativity team understand the developmental stages, including children with special needs.

We also have experienced face painters, glitter tattoo and body artists which complement our party and event packages.

Splodge parties are designed after parent consultation and planned to ensure a smooth and successful customised party for the birthday boy or girl and their guest’s interests.

Some of our most popular parties are:

MESSY MONSTER – Includes a craft project to make and take home designed as per the theme of the party; messy tables to gather round on a circuit system.  Activities vary based on the interests and age range of guests. From car tracking, slimy foam, jelly bean dance, messy spaghetti, bubbly beans, pea mash, dirt trays and slimy gloop. Also includes group games with prizes.

CRAFT & GAMES – Includes two craft projects, one craft project is to make  plaster mould to paint to take home. The craft activities are designed to compliment the party theme, In addition guests will enjoy interactive games such as crazy pass the parcel with prizes!

DISCO  / CRAFT – Includes plaster moulds to paint and take home, disco games with prizes, funky dress-ups dancing games with flashing lights and music, music pass the parcel with prizes for everyone and glow stick for each guest.  Plus they’ll create your own party play list!

PAINTING PARTY – This party is all about the painting!  Paint your own canvas and create a masterpiece using a range of artistic materials.

WOODWORK CONSTRUCTION PARTY – Includes a wooden project to construct and take home which each child chooses to paint , decorate or keep it natural.  A selection of giant games are also provided to play along with group games with prizes.

CUPCAKE DECORATING PARTY – Includes four cupcakes per guest to decorate with icing and sweets, carry box making and design your own chef hat.  Upgrade to include constructing your own cupcake stand!

From art, craft, messy sensory play, giant games to gift wrapping & structured hosting of events with kids zones catering for all ages- Splodge does it all!

For more information visit www.facebook.com/splodgekids