I really hope my words are able to properly get across how awesome this place is. If not, blame my English teacher, she should have taught me more words for “bloody awesome”

Bond Store is a relatively new spot up at Wallaroo that just honestly, has it all. A huge property which includes the main Bond Store restaurant, distillery and microbrewery as well as 2 accommodation spaces, it is hard to fully comprehend all this place has to offer for you and your group on your trip.

Firstly, Bond Store on Owen Terrace (Main Street in Wallaroo) is a multi level restaurant/distillery/micro brewery which caters for everyone. On the ground floor you will find a large space for dining and brewery bar, with the huge brewing machinery which sitting on display for customers to see. My little ones loved exploring and seeing it in all its glory. I loved exploring the 12 taps in the brewery with local craft beers and Bond Store brews. Fun exploring for the whole family!

Head down stairs to the Gin Bar and this was my ‘wow factor’ moment. The distillery kit, in its sparkling shiny copper, is just magnificent. The crowning piece is the 500L still named Ginger, which sits with the rest of the equipment behind the bar. This is where we sat and enjoyed our meal as well as the gin and beer flights. A beautiful spacious yet also cosy and peaceful space, sitting there enjoying their delicious gins and beers was an absolute highlight of probably the trip. The food was absolutely delicious and there was a good range for the kids, as well as some craft activities for the little ones, which was a nice distraction to allow the parents to enjoy and take in one of the best gin bars I have been too.

You would be forgiven to think that was more than enough for one place to offer, but Bond Store also offers 2 accommodation spaces. Firstly the cu@wallaroo cu1, a huge group accomodation facility just across the road from Bond Store on John Terrace. Catering for up to 72 people, it is really popular with school groups and other large events. We had a tour through and it is obvious why it is so popular. With a huge number of bunks and other sleeping options to cater for adults, as well as an enormous open plan living area and kitchen/laundry facilities, it sort of makes me wish I was either back at school or had more friends so I could book this place out!

If 72 is a bit too much for your group (and of course a group could be less than that and still enjoy CU1), then they also offer cu@wallaroo cu2 . This spot is on the top floor of the Bond Store and can house up to 30 people. Perfect for a group of several families who want to share the cost of a weekend away (The cost per person is really extremely affordable and I will definitely be booking this one for my next trip). Just like its baby brother, CU2 has all the facilities needed to comfortably house large groups in a big space, as well as offering a huge balcony overlooking the main street in Wallaroo.

We were lucky enough to be shown around by one of the owners Derek, who was so generous with his time explaining his vision and what he wanted to achieve. It is truly a magnificent property and we could not recommend it highly enough, whether it be for a meal, a gin flight, a pint of their own beer or a weekend away. Look this one up!