⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Every year our Kids in Adelaide Team have to ‘rock paper scissors’ for who gets to review this show. We all love it, and the 2020 version is no exemption. Five solid stars from the KiA team.

Tonight we clapped, cheered and foot stomped a big welcome back to one of our favourites, Winston Ruddle and his team of familiar beaming smiles, Cirque Africa. The talent, music and charismatic African energy that you will experience in this show are second to none and will take you on a one hour journey like no other. This truly is the ultimate family show.

Don’t miss this show. Really, don’t. Underpinned by light comedy, you will love acrobatics, musicians, contortionists and more. You will be in awe of their strength, coordination and flexibility. Finally you will leave with smiles as big and bright as the performers them selves.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Bend it like Beckham or circle the air like Cirque Africa…. The African experience has risen to new heights (literally) with Program #2 (yes there are two Cirque Africa Shows). When you want more spinning, balancing, dancing and flipping in your Fringe Binge… grab your tribe come and visit Africa for an hour of amazement and high energy performance

Cirque Africa 2.0 is so different to Cirque Africa 1.0! There are a variety of solo acts and groups acts, a girl who seems to have legs that are made of elastic, a duo who never listened to their parents and have mastered no hands in EVERYTHING! The kids will love it from 4+ and adults to grandparents. The African culture will leave you smiling and if you can only make one show… I would say “hakuna matata” this is your show to see!


Following a sold-out season at Adelaide Fringe 2017 /2018 and 2019 and earning countless 5-star reviews, Cirque Africa returns to Adelaide Fringe  2020 with 2 new shows Cirque Africa program 1 & Cirque Africa program 2 that is bigger and better than before!

For a strictly limited season, from 15th February till 15th March showtimes 
Program 1 2.30 pm 5.30 pm 8.30 pm
Program 2 3.00 pm 7.00 pm tickets from $26.00

Cirque Africa is fresher, funkier, bolder and more fun for all ages! It challenges your imagination like no other show. 
The one of a kind family-friendly show is sure to amaze and enthrall all who see it. A 100% African cultural experience, Cirque Africa is a vibrant and highly entertaining blockbuster production that transports each audience to the positive side of Africa through modern stage performances.

Produced and directed by Papa Africa, Cirque Africa features a world-renowned African troupe, consisting of performing artists including acrobats, dancers, percussionists, musicians, and contortionists.

The  Two 60-minute awe-inspiring show is highlighted with stunning colorful African costumes, high energy knuckle-biting acrobatic acts, humorous comedy, traditional and modern original music, and vibrant dance routines.

The dedication and immense professionalism of the performers makes this show appealing to all audience members. Discover the greatest show in Africa.

Don’t miss the strictly limited Adelaide Fringe 2020 season this Summer. Tickets are now on sale!

For tickets click on the links below

We LOVED this show last year and saw it many times. Check out our 2019 review below

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