Having been to Wallaroo a few times, when we were planning this trip one of the first things we did was lock in a dinner at probably one of my fave restaurants around. There is just something innately relaxing about sitting on a huge deck overlooking a big chunk of water, while drinking a *insert alcoholic beverage of choice here* or 3 and just watching the water and boats float by, occasionally commenting on the serenity and how good it is.

But a big deck and a whole lot of nice water (in this case, the marina) can only go so far if the food  is ordinary and the kids are bored. Not surprisingly, the food here is outstanding for families and really does cater above and beyond the usual pub fare. Like seafood? You have come to the right place.  As someone who enjoys seafood but is not physically capable of catching my own (Well I am physically capable, its just that fish seem to be quite good at outsmarting me and my cunning attempts to catch them), I put myself in manager John’s capable hands and he didn’t disappoint.

He recommended the Char’d whole prawns and I have to say, I felt like a king sitting there eating all the prawns on my own (kids don’t like seafood….their loss!). The rest of the fam enjoyed a brilliant range of high quality traditional aussie pub food, with the kids meal a real winner with meal, drink and activity pack for $10 bucks. Eating out with kids can so easily smash the $100 mark so to have them sorted for such great value was fantastic. If you are also somewhat inclined to enjoy a sports bar with pool tables, keno and pokies (cough me cough) then you are well and truly covered here too with a really nice area.

I think one of the things I love most about this place apart from the view and the food (and the wood fire caramelised sugar pastry stack for dessert….just do it. Thank me later) is the friendly relaxed vibe which really does make you feel like you are on holiday. Given it is only about 90mins from Adelaide you could easily come up for the day. Can’t recommend it enough.

11 Heritage Dr, Wallaroo
Find them on Facebook @CoopersAlehouseWallaroo
Or visit their website www.coopersalehouse.com.au

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