Get excited! Thirty three years on from our hearts being stolen by ‘Johhny and Baby’ (Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey) – Hollywood have announced another sequel to Dirty Dancing. This time with Jennifer Gray apparently confirmed to return to the screen.

Could it ever be as good as the original? Nah, surely not – but of course we will wait excitedly and see. Couldn’t be as bad as the last sequel attempt in 2004, Dirty Dancing : Havana Nights, could it? Actually haven’t their been a few failed attempts at spin off’s that have tanked?

We are learning that this movie is claiming to be ‘exactly the kind of romantic, nostalgic movie that the franchise’s fans have been waiting for’ – YES Thirty Three GODDAMN YEARS, hurry up already we say.

Surely with the news that Grey will be involved in the producing and star in the movie, it’s got to hold some cred?

No release date has been announced as yet but we will keep you posted!