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Essential Products for Traveling with Kids – Reviews

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At Kids in Adelaide we love to travel when and where we can. We did lots of camping and visiting rellies around the State and country when we were kids and now we have kids we would love to make sure they get the same opportunities… BUT add in a couple of kids… suddenly things get a whole lot trickier, bulkier and more expensive! But it’s totally still worth it, and below we review some of the great products for traveling with kids we love!

Maxi Cosi Euro car seat with ISOGO fittings

The amazing folks over at Baby Junction recently helped me add the new Maxi Cosi Euro with ISOGO fittings to my car seat family and I’m really pleased. In short – the Euro is super quick to fit to a range of cars we have used in the initial test – both using the ISOGO fittings and the traditional seatbelt installation. In addition, I really like the feel and features of the seat and my son seems to really like it – most of the time he falls straight asleep when he gets in! The Maxi Cosi Euro suits babies from birth to approximately 12 months in the rearward facing mode, and then easily flips around to cater for toddlers up to 4 years (approx) in the forward facing mode. For the full review of the Maxi Cosi Euro with Isofix check out    If you are in the market for a car seat, pram or any other nursery needs, the customer service and advice at Baby Junction is the best I’ve ever had and I definitely recommend checking them out.


I’m pretty grumpy in the mornings when I don’t get much sleep, and keeping my kids warm and safe at night makes for a better night’s sleep for them and me. So, enter my new favourite travel and sleep item – the GroBag! I LOVE this product! The Grobag is like a warm, safe sleeping bag for babies and toddlers. I have the 2.5 TOG rated Travel Grobag, which is suited to 16-20 degree rooms overnight and suits our family well. Little Mr H was waking up a lot during the night prior to getting this new baby sleeping bag with his blankets all over the place – I assume he was getting caught up or cold with all his wriggling. But once we moved to the Grobag, he has been sleeping much more soundly and we now use it for daytime naps too! As a great travel feature, my awesome new Travel Grobag has a neat double zip feature, so it is able to keep your child both warm AND secure by enabling the use of a 5 point harness in a car seat or pram. We used it on a practise run before our travels on a particularly chilly and windy March evening and our little guy was still toasty after 2 hours outside – unlike the rest of us! They come in a range of sizes, temperature ratings for different seasons and are fully machine washable – plus come with a FREE super lightweight room thermometer to take with you to help work out your best suited sleeping attire on the go! For more information on these great Grobags, check out my full review of mine over at:

PlayKids App

PlayKids is an educational and age appropriate app that provides hours of fun for young children through it’s videos and games. We were lucky enough to trial the app to write a PlayKids app review and believe it is most suitable for kids aged 2-5 years. We found the PlayKids app highly entertaining, full of great content that we could choose ourselves, and loved that, once downloaded, the content is available offline. This means that you can download it at home and then  access the whole app when traveling – even onboard a plane! – because it all works in ‘airplane mode’ once downloaded. And lets face it – when do you want (or NEED!) a few minutes or hours with a quiet child more than when you’re traveling with kids!?

PlayKids App

PlayKids App

We use thePlayKids app mostly for playing games and watching videos like Mister Maker and Octonauts. My daughter said the games were her favourite; she loved the colouring in, puzzles and drawing activities. The videos were great too but I think having a range of educational games gave the app a little something extra. I also thought the value for money was very good at $8.99/month, it is a small monthly fee so definitely affordable, and you can cancel anytime if you change your mind or grow out of it. The best thing about this app was the peace of mind I had knowing that everything on this app was safe viewing for my child. I would recommend it for car and plane trips, restaurant visits and anytime you need a bit of ‘Sssshhhhh’! For the full review check out our PlayKids App Review

Julia bag from Luna blu

It definitely felt like my birthday when I received the beautiful Julia Bag from Luna Blu. The bag that was given to me was the Red with white Polka dots. I have been using this bag as a baby/nappy bag for a couple of weeks now, and it has been fantastic. The size is just right. It’s not very bulky, but it’s big enough to fit all the things a mum would need when on the go without the extra weight. I absolutely love all the different sections in it, so I could put my nappy wallet separate to everything else, and just grab it when I need it. There is a larger zip compartment, which is great for my purse, phone and iPad, and a smaller zip compartment that I use for my lip balm, keys and dummies. The bag has more than enough storage for spare clothes, food and anything else that you may need. The Julia bag has a long shoulder strap that can be adjusted perfectly for the length you need it. I would make the straps shorter to hang on the back of the pram, without it knocking against my legs. And there are shorter handles too, made from soft webbed cotton. This bag is perfect for travelling with kids as it is made from unique oilcloth fabric which is durable and easy to wipe clean – perfect for all those sticky little fingers! It also means that if it’s on the floor of a café, you don’t need to worry about it getting ruined or dirty. All in all this is a fabulous multi-functional, light-weight bag that can be used as a travel bag, nappy bag, sports/gym bag or camera bag. The Julia Bag also comes in other colours. This is one bag I would highly recommend! To check out the full range of Luna Blu bags and accessories click on the link or visit the Facebook page

 The Knotlace Necklace 

If you are like me, when we head out and about, I like to put on some piece of jewellery to complete and outfit. But if your child is like mine, you have no hope of that piece of jewellery being delicate so your child pulls and tugs until it breaks! Enter the amazing Knotlace Necklace! The Knotlace is an accessory or jewellery that can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, hair accessory, brooch or belt. Knotlace is made from lightweight metal (iron or stainless steel, depending on the colour) and is very bendy and does not stain.  You can bend it to sit around your neck, wrist, almost any part of your body and it just stays there! One day I wore mine as a necklace and the next day I wore it as a bracelet. I have had so many people ask me where I got mine from! And the best thing about it, is that it super strong and bendy, that a small child can’t break it. In fact, it made a good distraction “toy” for George when I was trying on some clothes in a store the other day. He loved playing with it, bending it and trying to make his own bracelet. We also have the shorter mini Knotlace and it’s equally as good – makes a fantastic bracelet, the kids love playing with it while traveling and its a handy, wearable distraction when needed too! Check it out in a range of colours too! This piece of jewellery would make a wonderful and affordable gift for someone. To see the full range of colours and sizes, head on over to their website

Sunsuit from Mini Sandcrabs – GET 20% OFF ALL STOCK WHEN YOU USE THE PROMO CODE ‘adelaide’ ON CHECKOUT!

We live near the beach and Elka loves the water AND exploring the sand. Up until this point, bathers and a rashie have been fine, but she always gets so much sand in her nappy, and her chubby little legs and forearms are exposed to the sun as she plays. We’re never in the sun for long, but sun protection is important to us. With the Sunsuit from Mini Sandcrabs, Elka’s entire arms and her thighs are covered, and there’s UPF50+ protection. This has given us much more ease of mind. There’s also a short-sleeved option, with 3 colours in each. As the weather has turned cooler, Elka has also worn the sunsuit to her swimming lessons at the indoor pool. We usually go to the pool twice a week and, as you can imagine, it’s a heavily chlorinated pool to keep everything as clean as possible! So my concern was whether or not the sunsuit would be durable enough to hold its colour in the harshness of the chlorine. Well, I’m happy to report, so far so good! The sunsuit looks the same as ever and I haven’t been fussy with how I wash it or where I hang it up to dry. The last thing I need is to worry about washing separately! A couple of other things I’ve liked about the sunsuit are that Elka can also move easily in it, and it’s not too slippery to hold her as she wriggles around and splashes in the water. The zip does come right up to underneath her chin and I was concerned it might irritate her skin but it hasn’t bothered her at all. I’ve been really pleased with the sunsuit so far and, although it’s a bit more expensive that what I’d usually spend on Elka’s swimmers at $54.95, it’s definitely something I would recommend. Elka is one-year-old, but wears the 12-24-month-old size. This has plenty of room so I think it should last quite a while. We have the long-sleeve sunsuit in Burleigh pink, click HERE  to find out more.

Swimsuit from Mini Sandcrabs – GET 20% OFF ALL STOCK WHEN YOU USE THE PROMO CODE ‘adelaide’ ON CHECKOUT!

So the main reason I LOVE these bathers is because of the cute tie-up at the neck. This makes them so easy to put on Addie- plus they look very cute. There’s also UPF50+ protection, which is very important when you have a child who’s a water lover and wears them most days! We still use a rashie over the top at certain times of the day and year to offer more protection on her shoulders and back. Addie is very confident in the water and always busy investigating everything out of the water too. She’s constantly in and out of the water, so it’s been great to see the bathers don’t ride up, becoming uncomfortable. Although we usually swim in the ocean, they have also held up well in chlorinated water. Durability is probably the most important thing to us as this indicates value for money. We haven’t had the bathers for long, but they haven’t faded or stretched so far. My other favourite thing about these bathers is that they’re designed in Australia! There are 7 cute colours to choose from in this style- all VERY adorable. I really like the ‘Lorne Sun’ colour too. Oh, and the ‘Coolum Milkshake’. Actually, they’re all pretty cute! Click HERE to find the Swimsuit in the Burleigh Mix colour. To check out the Mini Sandcrabs full range visit their website: IMG_8221 IMG_8222

Keeping Track of the Kids

If the thought of loosing your child in a crowded place while traveling or just at Rundle Mall makes your gut turn inside out then, you’ll LOVE these awesome ways to help make sure your child can always find you again! We have recently trialled two amazing ways to keep track of your kids and can thoroughly recommend them both:


The Infoband is a neat, wearable ID bracelet that you can get permanently marked with your child’s name and your contact number, or as a blank band so that you can change the details depending on who is wearing it or if you have an overseas contact number etc. This great idea from Name My Stuff was well received by my toddler thanks in part, to his dad wearing a similar ID band when he goes running or riding – so the mini-me thinks he is just like dad when he wears his! The Infoband is super light weight, has a nice feel and a great clasp that is easy for adults to open and close, but quite difficult for kids to get off themselves! We just took this band to the Eiffel Tower and I felt a lot better knowing my son had some ID in the large crowds – just in case! I feel like it is highly visible so should be seen easily by an adult noticing the name and contact number in an emergency. Name My Stuff also stock a full range of awesome gear including personalised drink bottles, lunch boxes and heaps more.


TRENDe-tatts are another awesome idea for taking traveling with kids to make sure they keep safe. You can order personalised tattoos with your child’s name and a contact number, but they also stock some other great options that you can write on with different details each time or ‘allergy awareness’ Tatts in case your child has a serious medical matter that others should know about. They come in a range of bright colours and fun images so you kids will be sure to love wearing them and are durable so won’t wash off in the pool or at the beach etc. I found them super easy to apply and write my contact number on (in the case of the non-personalised ones) and the kids loved getting them and asked for more! I had to cut a little square of the clear area out and stick them to draw smiley faces on! These are great if you’ve got a few kids or take groups of kids out for the day etc and we used hem in the huuuge crowds at the Paris marsthon – insane, but glad we had these awesome TRENDe-Tatts with us! We also used the Personalised TRENDe-tatts recently on a trip to a big music festival and they worked perfectly for this multi day event (we used a couple!)

The Australian-owned online Baby store, Bubs and Beans, have a lot of great gear for travel and around the home, including the BBox Nappy Wallet and this awesome monkey ipad cover that we love! Zoos 2 in 1 Tablet Cover – Monkey The Monkey Cover is adorable! Our iPad fits in there perfectly and not only does it make the iPad look super cute, but it keeps the iPad safe too. George was certainly amused by the little monkey ears at the sides.  The cover has a little handle at the top, which is an amazing feature allowing you to hang the iPad from the back of the headrest in the car for those longer journeys. It also has a flap/easel that allows you to stand the iPad up. Some other features I love: Compatible with Ipad 2,3,4 and Ipad Air (With included insert) BPA- Free, PVC Free, and Phthalate Free Also includes downloadable Zoo Character backgrounds You can still use headphones, or take photos with the Zoocover in place. To purchase the Zoos 2 in 1 Tablet cover, click on this link

Nappy Wallet

Whether you’re travelling or not, keeping all your nappy change items on hand at all times is essential and this super handy BBox Essential nappy wallet is a great way to do just that. Big enough to hold a few nappies, nappy bags, and plenty of wipes it also come with its own trendy, easy clean change mat. Our favourite feature though, is the ability to access the wipes from both the outside AND inside of the BBox! Jus a few of the great products available from Bubs and Beans –  Head over to Bubs and Beans for their full range of excellent products!

Chalk Mat

The good folks over at Playground Princess have some awesome travel and other products (mostly for girls but my son loved some of them too!) including one of our current favourite travel items – the rollup chalk mat. I waited until I really needed my 2 year old to stay calm and occupied in the car while driving in Paris last week and then brought out this awesome chalk mat for him – kept him quiet and entertained for over 30mins which is unheard of in our family! It comes with its own chalk (but we brought extra!) and a cute little eraser that I think he loves more than drawing!

Colour My Adventure Satchel

If your child is into drawing, especially if they are a bit older (say 5-12), then they are bound to love the Colour My Adventure satchel we tried out. The satchel is the perfect size for youngsters (see photo with mobile phone for reference) & comes with a number of coloured fabric textas so your child can fully decorate their own bag! Winnie enjoyed colouring in the satchel on the plane on the way to Bali and then we put some Bali “spending money” in it which she loved carrying in her special bag and acting all grown up. We would probably recommend it for kids a bit older though (she is 3) who can colour in a bitbetter. Would be a great present for a child going overseas or on a plane for the first time. (Grandmas grandpas take note). This is also from Playground Princess!


In addition to the beautiful bathers we loved from Mini Sandcrabs, we also hit the water recently with some cool new Floaties from Playground Princess. They come in Peppa and George Pig styles and were a big hit at the pool to start off our holidays! If your kids are as mad on Peppa Pig as ours are, then they will adore these and at only $10, they made James super happy and me too!

Playground Princess Ear Protectors

And for one final feature product, if you’re a family who loves things LOUD and like getting out to music concerts, rally cars, sports matches or if your little miss just loves watching mum or dad jam in the garage, then you might also like these super cute (and effective!) ear protectors for kids! They fit babies to approx 8 years if needed and seem to work a treat keeping our little miss from freaking out in loud situations! So far we have used her ear muffs at the 36ers, the World Volleyball League, Etihad stadium and also quite a few times when Elka has insisted on watching her dad work in the backyard with loud appliances. My brother has also borrowed them for his daughter at the Byron Bay Blues and Roots festival, and a friend borrowed them when they visited Canada for outdoors and going to watch the ice hockey. It’s nice to know that little ears are safe. After all, it’s bad enough when your husband pretends he can’t hear you let alone if your own child starts to do the same! The ear muffs are comfortable, noise-cancelling and cute to boot. They cost $25.00, which is very reasonable considering how long they will last you, with the easy adjustable band. We have a pink pair of these- but how cute are these pink camo ones too? Visit the Playground Princess website for more details and to see their huge range of other products too:

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