27/03/2020 all-day
Your own backyard
Junior Landcare

Costa is asking kids across Australia to grab a camera and snap photos of the flora and fauna in their backyard.
Joining forces with Junior Landcare, the popular TV star and Landcare champion has launched the ‘What’s In Your Backyard?’ campaign to encourage the next generation to get outside and document what’s in their local environment.
So tell us your story about what’s in your backyard?
Can you find lizards, insects, bees or butterflies? Are you growing a yummy vegetable or herb garden in your backyard? What about a favourite tree that provides habitat for native birds? Do you have beautiful flowers that bees love to visit?
Take a photo, tell us what’s in your backyard and why it is important to you.
Costa said: “Junior Landcare rocks because it gives every student everywhere in the country, a chance to understand nature, connect with it and take action to show that you love and want to protect the world around you. With Junior Landcare, it’s something we can do together.”
What’s your backyard?
Your backyard might be a garden. If you live in an apartment, your garden could be plants on your balcony. You may live near a park or bushland area, or a river or wetland. You may live on the coast close to the sea, or on a farm. Your local environment is your backyard!
You can submit a photo as an individual or as a school. There are four categories that you can submit your photo:
Biodiversity – birds, bees, insects, flowers, trees and more!
Food production – your food garden may include vegetables, fruit and herbs
Indigenous perspectives – bush tucker gardens
Waste management – worm farm, compost, recycling bins.
If you enter as a school you will automatically be entered into the school prize category in addition to any of the four categories that you select.