07/03/2020 all-day
Port Adelaide Lighthouse
Port Adelaide
South Australia
Wonderwalls Port Adelaide

The three-day Street Art Festival will bring the Port and greater Adelaide community together with world class artists, South Australia’s emerging talents and a selection of the best local Port creatives. Artists have been tasked with transforming bland walls into high profile destinations across Port Adelaide’s city centre.

The 2020 program includes:

Friday March 6th. 5pm-11pm

• Live artworks at selected sites. See map via FB page from early feb

• Lighthouse Jam opening to Wonderwalls
Includes live art, music, PL and Barossa be consumed bar and food trucks

Saturday March 7th. 9am – 11pm

• Live artworks at selected sites

• Lighthouse Jam includes live art, music, PL and Barossa be consumed bar and food trucks

• Canon photographic tours and workshops

• Barossa be consumed tasting event – tickets here

• Pirate life Brewery’s birthday featuring selected Wonderwalls artists and Ironlak jam at Pirate Life Brewery.

Sunday March 8th. 9am – 6pm

• Live artworks at selected sites

• Lighthouse Jam includes live art, music, PL and Barossa be consumed bar and food trucks

• Canon photographic tours and workshops

This year we welcome:

PICHIAVO (Spain) @pichiavo
PichiAvo is Juan Antonio Sánchez Santos (Pichi, b. 1977) and Álvaro Hernández
Santaeulalia (Avo, b.1985), a duo of street artists from Valencia (Spain).
Recognised for their skill at creating connections between painting and sculpture in
urban settings, they adopt a thoroughly innovative approach in their artistic fusions. A
balanced combination of classical art and the most contemporary urban art can be
identified in their work. From the outset PichiAvo shunned artistic individuality, joining
forces to create an absolutely unique body of work using a conceptually urban idiom,
both in the street and in the studio.

PichiAvo’s career has attained artistic recognition and popularity on an international
scale, establishing them among the most prominent street artists on the current urban art scene.

ROSIE WOODS (UK) @itsrosiewoods
Rosie is an award winning, international street and studio artist from London currently based in Australia. Since graduating in Fine Art, she has been scaling walls across the world with spray paint producing her dramatic and vibrant murals. Rosie’s work treads the fine line between abstraction and realism, attempting to communicate tangible experiences of the soul, which often cannot be expressed through language or the physical world around us alone. This draw on the human condition, the liaison between our material bodies and our spiritual existence manifests itself in her work as ethereal and organic forms within systemised compositions. Through her painting she has had the privilege to travel to Berlin, Milan, Australia and Norway and has her artwork on permanent display in both the UK and Hong Kong.

VESOD (ITALY) @vesod
Vesod was born in Turin in 1981 and he lives and works in a Venaria Reale (TO).
His artistic attitude has been fostered by his father Dovilio Brero, surrealistic painter, whose influence has an impact on Vesod since his youth: he has been therefore developing an interest in the graffiti world since the beginning of the 90s.
Due to the artistic partnerships and contacts which Vesod has started in those teenager years, he has lately begun his professional path. He has been seeking for ten years a personal painting language in which the graffiti plays a central role, while dedicating time to his own cultural and academic education.

This idea of representing the three dimensions of
space and the time one all in a single moment may bring to a loss of importance of the flow of time. Hence you can detach from a vision of the world or of the single person as entangled to the frame of time linked to the present, we live in.
By concentrating on this aspect, a complete overview on the idea of a total embrace of things from birth to death could emerge from the works. It could be said that the artistic works, on a figurative basis, refer to “a God’s point of view”

DEMSKY (Spain) @demsky_
Demsky started his creative journey getting immersed in the graffiti boom in the early 90s. Since then he has been travelling and spraying throughout more than 50 countries and still feels obsessed with twisting the morphology of his name in multiple, unconventional shapes.
Being a self-taught, his artistic influences are rooted in the graffiti movement, the fluro era and his current nostalgia around the late 80s and early 90s, although nowadays these are expanding also towards obtaining a balanced mix between future and nostalgia, radical creativity and exact sciences.
As a kid he used to spend his time playing arcade games and watching Japanese mecha and sci-fi movies in VHS mode.
Now Demsky feels eager to expand his artistic output and develop new concepts in his studio work – a new approach to develop a more conceptual side where he tries to bring new art forms around the interconnected relationship of space and time array with a strong focus on finding the glitch and animating static compositions.
More precisely, it is a glance to the future from those nostalgic times, an ongoing personal therapy exercise based on getting immersed in creating impossible shapes gravitating in multiple dimensions in an organized chaos environment.
Understanding art as a vehicle to stimulate senses and heal the soul, Demsky has collaborated with worldwide galleries and multiple cultural and commercial projects.
He currently spends most of his time shut away in his laboratory breaking the artificial atmosphere.

JASMINE CRISP (SA) @jasmine_crisp

Jasmine is an emerging artist born and based in Adelaide, South Australia. Her characteristic painting practice draws on her personal relationships between people, their belongings and home environments. Both traditional and contemporary painting techniques/surfaces are adopted in her practice with a focus toward creating figurative symbolised stories and dreamlike narratives set in both existing and imagined spaces.

Recently she has produced her first solo show, participated in three international artist residencies across Iceland and Finland, been awarded first prize in the 2019 10th Prospect Portrait Prize and the 2018 YouthScape Art Prize, achieved multiple people’s choice awards and has been included as a finalist in the SALA Advertiser awards, Emma Hack Art Prize and Kennedy Art Prize.

Jasmines painting practice is driven by her interest in the relationships between people and their objects (treasure or trash), their surrounding environments (home or other) and how chosen belongings/places are used as forms of connection and self-identification. Her paintings are constructed from images derived from her direct personal experiences, belongings, homeplace, travels and people known to her. Be it on Aussie share house bathroom or Finnish mountain view, her emotionally charged figurative scenes are informed by both her immediate lifestyle and aspects of history in creating narrative paintings set in domestic, natural, real, past and imagined spaces.


Scott Marsh (b. 1984) is an Australian fine artist who picked up his first spray can at the age of 12 and began tagging the streets of his Sydney neighbourhood. In his teens, his focus turned to train carriages. He embarked on several tours of rail yards across the globe, forging a reputation as one of the most talented graffiti writers of his generation and taking the so-called Sydney-style to bold new levels.
In 2009, he completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Painting, at the UNSW COFA (College of Fine Arts) and soon after began receiving commissions for large scale commercial murals.
As a leading figure in the rise of graffiti-based art, Marsh’s works are sought after by international collectors. His paintings are created with both brush and spray-can, exemplifying traditional techniques in oils and acrylics, combined with late-1990s street-art. His use of complex layering to create depth and texture, combined with a razor-sharp eye for colour – honed from years of putting up illegal pieces on trains – has resulted in one of the most interesting and dynamic fusions in Australian fine art.
Marsh’s subject matter is similarly refreshing; a juxtaposition of classic ‘high-art’ themes (still life, and the female nude) with contemporary motifs derived from his years as a graffiti writer. His current floral series, takes familiar Australian flora and presents it with his former ‘tools of the trade’; spray-cans and bolt cutters. While Marsh is obviously working with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, the result is none-the-less beautiful for it.
His political murals, rendered on an enormous scale, have garnered world-wide attention, dealing with issues as diverse as liquor-licensing laws (Casino Mike, 2016), to environmentalism (Reef Killers, 2017) and Marriage Equality (Bride of Tony Abbott, 2017).
Marsh is also at once fascinated and repulsed by the cult of celebrity. Kanye Loves Kanye (2015) a gargantuan image of pop star Kanye West embracing himself, went viral, attracting the attention of international media.
South Australian artists Jasmine Crisp, Kerri Ann Wright and Shane Cook plus more will feature in this year’s festival alongside three Port Adelaide Enfield Local’s.

Creative Director Joel Van Moore brings the popular Wonderwalls Port Adelaide in conjunction with The Big Picture Fest back to the streets of Port Adelaide with the proud support of Pirate Life Brewery. The BIG Picture fest is his parallel festival geared to support smaller communities and reward artists involved with a fairer share of budget allocation.

Thanks to our major sponsors Pirate Life Brewery, City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council & Picture This Agency.
Also proudly supported by The Big Picture Fest, Barossa Wines, Topline Paints, Access Hire SA, Ironlak, Quest Apartments Port Adelaide, Canon Collective Australia & Redlime Shack.