The magical world of Fairies and Elves is one that most kids I know LOVE. My 4 year old is currently obsessed with all things fairy and almost every morning will report to me about what’s happened in her fairy garden overnight. We collect all sorts of bits and pieces to add to her collection, not all store bought, we also collect gumnuts from the garden (those are apparently what fairies drink “chinos” from) shells from the beach, all sorts of sticks and leaves and we never leave Nanny’s house without at least one of her white garden pebbles finding its way into a pocket to be used as a fairy garden accessory.

You can’t go wrong with a fairy or elf themed gift so we thought we’d make it easy and share our favourite fairy finds with you.

The Fairy Door Store

If you’re yet to visit this online store FULL of fairy and elf doors and all sorts of very very cute accessories check them out here
Prices start from just a few dollars and go up to gorgeous and very special gift packs perfect for birthday presents. We love The Fairy Door Store

Thumbs up for Fairy Doors!

FLOWER FAIRIES: Secret Garden range

Available Online Here

Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies™ have been enchanting children since 1923. The Flower Fairy Secret Garden Range brings these magical characters to life where you can create your very own fairy wonderland! The Flower Fairies Secret Garden range includes small and large figurines, fairy and garden decor accessories plus garden kits.
Prices from $10.95

Day at the Hahndorf Fairy Garden and a visit to the Fairy Store

If you’ve got a little Fairy or Elf fan in your house and you haven’t been up to the Hahndorf Fairy Garden yet put it on your to do list for your next day out. The fairy garden is a magical shop full of fairies, gnomes and so much more! Children love to search for and count the fairies and dragons in the garden, then come into take a pinch of fairy dust to make a wish in the wishing well. Best of all there is no charge unless you choose to buy…..which you probably will cause it’s all SO CUTE!

The FoxPopFairy Movement

Brighten up someone’s day with a little touch of Fairy magic…

Place a little Fairy Friends nail stickers upon your child’s fingernail as they sleep.  Ssshhhhhh….Don’t mention anything about the fairy and just wait for your child to find it for themselves and see the happiness that this will bring to them.

Under $10 and available from FoxPopKids

Elf on the Shelf

Available online at Little Bags of Magic

A Christmas tradition in our house for the last 3 years. Adopt your own “scout Elf” who’s checking in on who’s been naughty or nice and reporting back to Santa every night. Take a look at how sneaky our Elves have been in previous years.


Rainbow Magic Fairy Collection Books – Written by Daisy Meadows

Available Online at Dymocks

My Fairy Garden Lilypad Garden Set

Available online at Toy Universe

Fill the pot with soil and sow the included seeds to watch it grow green and lush for the fairies.  The My Fairy Garden Lilypad Garden Set includes a fairy and her frog companion as well as floating lilypads to float in the moat and a Sunflower windmill to decorate your fairy garden.

Ravensburger Fairy Playland Puzzle – 100 Piece

Available Online here

Fairy Costumes

Lots of  styles available from Costume Box. With FREE express shipping when you spend over $79

Fairy Wings from Jasabyn

Safest wings ever, no wires or rods. Designs for Boy’s and Girl’s & adults
These beautiful fabric wings are the perfect fit for children with big imaginations! Great for dress-ups and pretend play and dancing, these wings are easy to put on. They have shoulder straps and finger loops so children can slip them on and spread their wings. Perfect for imaginative play. One size fits most. Suitable for ages 3 and up

Available online at Jasabyn

Fairy Dinner Set from Little Bento World

Bring some fairy magic to the table with a 5 piece set including 21.5cm Plate, 14.5cm bowl, 7.5 x 6.5cm cup, fork, and spoon. 100% melamine, BPA free – tested to Australian and New Zealand standards. Not for the microwave but fine for the dishwasher.

Available online at Little Bento World

“Out of This World” Fairy Collection from Smiggle

Backpacks, wallets and hardtop pencil cases. Prices from $16.95

Available online and instore at Smiggle

Sequin Reversible Fairy Pillow from Jasabyn – $49.95

Each design features an illustration and positive message on the cover, and reversible, colorful sequins on the back that can be “drawn” on with the swipe of a finger or hand.

Available online at

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