If you’ve got little fairy fans or elf enthusiasts at your place, a trip up to The Fairy Garden Hahndorf is a must.

Located just off the main street of Hahndorf you can ring the bell on the way up the path to let the fairies know you’ve arrived, grab a pinch of fairy dust to make a wish in the wishing well and then wander around the garden to find all the fairy surprises there are to find.

There’s a fantastic range of fairy garden accessories from fairy doors to mushrooms, solar houses, fairies, gnomes and even fairy snow!

They can help you create your own fairy garden or simply add to your existing one. The Fairy Garden have many houses both solar and wooden, fairies galore, gnomes and elves to complete your collection.

Everyone should find a way “to be off with the fairies”

Open Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays 10:30am until 4pm and weekends from 11:30am until 4:30pm

Find them at
55 Main St, Hahndorf
Website: https://the-fairy-garden-hahndorf.myshopify.com
Facebook: /thefairygardenhahndorf

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  • ** Update February 2020 ** Unfortunately since we first posted about the Bridgewater Fairy Garden there have been some nasty trolls on the lose who have been in and stolen, broken or vandalised some of the fairy houses BUT we found out that there's still some left to see and it's still a cute way to spend an hour or two exploring somewhere new. If your kids are keen on fairies, magic, imagination or just getting outdoors, they will love this place. It's located at Deanery Reserve near Arbury Park. For specific directions see notes at the bottom of this post. Thanks to @ThatLittleNook for the update and the photos! Follow the Heyson Trail about 50m towards the freeway from the carpark and you'll find the main Fairy Garden with about 10 little doors from 5-15cm tall. The Garden (shown above) has been growing over the last 6 months and is now well established on the side of the track and easily seen by all. Walkers, visitors and fairy fans have all been adding their own touch to the Garden with everything from hand rails up the steep steps, to animal statues, updated paint work and even mail boxes -…

  • Adelaide's Hahndorf Farm Barn is a unique blend of a children's farmyard and wildlife park. You can hold, touch and feed most of the animals in complete safety and at your own comfort level. Find out how animals are born, grow and live on a farm. A visit to Adelaide's Hahndorf Farm Barn is not just about family fun activities or keeping the kids entertained - it's educational as well! The Farm Barn prides themselves on providing the best school holiday activities in Adelaide! There are many activities for kids at the farm and you can easily spend hours here enjoying quality time with your family. Play in the playground and sand pit!Milk a cowBottle feed baby lambsCuddle baby rabbits and guinea pigsHold baby chicksTry out the brand new electric diggers in the huge sand pit Open 10am-4pm daily with a new reptile show at 12.30 Sat and Sun and Farm Shows daily at 11am and 2.30pm.Let the kids be kids; bring a picnic or enjoy a BBQ in our undercover picnic and BBQ area, and wander through the farm together.It's a great way for children to learn about farm animals and farm life. The hold birthday parties too, which kids adore!…

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Here is a beautiful, intimate fairy show that will leave you feeling warm, fuzzy a little bit magical and like your Fringe Bucks were well spent! We think this show is ideal for 2-6 year old boys and girls and we attended dressed up in our fairy best, (ok - I didn't, my five year old did). An intimate show, the kids will spend most of it on their feet. Miss five spent the entire show on her feet ‘learning’ in a fairy school environment. All of the kids did. Our favourite was Fairy Jack - he was completely convincing and you’ll just want to love him for both his insecurities and his enthusiasm. The show is nicely balanced between music, dancing and narrative. We also loved the numerous opportunities for audience participation and take our hats off to the brave Dads that were welcomed on stage and participated. Honestly, seeing Dads just dig in like that makes our hearts sing. Photos were offered with Fairy Jasmine and Fairy Jack after the show and music and wands were for sale. The show delivered some subtle messages around kindness, sharing and the like, ideal for pre schoolers. Miss fives favourite…

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