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Don’t know about you but there’s always something that throws a spanner in the works.  For some reason no one can find a pair of matching socks or the cereal gets spilt all over the floor. Needless to say mornings can be chaotic so trying to get yourself slightly glam before walking out the door is usually not even on the agenda.

What if you could get out of your pj’s, brush your hair and actually drink a cup of coffee before running out the door?  Here are some easy fashion hacks for all the busy mums out there.

1.  Get organised

Spending a few moments the night before laying out what you are going to wear for the next day will help with the stress of finding something to wear last minute.  We often get the kids to do this with their school uniforms but we don’t follow the same rule. 

2.  Invest in a great shoe

A shoe is everything! Don’t be afraid to Inject some fun and personality with a shoe. Even if you are wearing the same old jeans, adding a killer shoe will have you looking like you spent ages getting ready.  Summer time is perfect for a sexy little slide while winter you can go for an easy pull on boot. 

3.  Add an accessory

Throwing on a scarf or hat will definitely add some fun to your outfit.  A beanie for instance is great to hide the untamed hair situation and a scarf in winter or summer will add colour and interest to your outfit.  If you want to get really crazy with the accessory, try a bold earring, chunky necklace or even a coloured or printed over the shoulder bag.  All of these really simple things will elevate your outfit to the next level.

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4.  Mix and Match

So that you don’t end up wearing the same thing 4 days in a row or reaching for the gym gear, make sure you have a variety of items that you can mix and match easily.  You don’t need lots of clothing but you do need some great pieces such as a versatile jacket, a couple of pant options – perhaps a jean and alternate, a skirt or dress, a couple of tops in different colours and/or prints and some knitwear that can be worn on it’s own as a layering piece.  All of these pieces should work cohesively together and allow you to change between them so you have a range of outfits.

5.  Wrinkle free zone

And sadly I’m not talking about the ones on our face ladies.  By choosing good fabrics that don’t require ironing after a wash will save you so much time.  There is nothing worse than having a fav garment that you want to wear but just can’t dedicate the time to getting the iron out so it hangs in your wardrobe, unworn for months. Before making the mistake of buying hard work fabrics, do the scrunch test instore.  All you need to do is grab a small corner of the garment and scrunch it into your hand and let it fall.  If it leaves creases when you let it go, then you will know how it will look after wearing it.