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EnerG+How do you keep fit? Social sport? Competitive sport? Running? Gym? Chasing kids around the playground? Yoga? Boxing? A Personal Trainer? Doing a squat hold while you’re ironing? Walking the kids to the school? Swimming? Pilates? Group fitness classes? Going walking while the kids are at sports training?

There’s obviously LOTS to choose from but probably not much time in which to do it! I only have 1 child and I’m on maternity leave so I’m really enjoying going running with the pram, going to the gym and walking along the beach. BUT, how do people do it when they’ve got more than one child? We really hope to have more children and I’m always curious to see how on earth people manage life with multiple kids- let alone fit in exercise!

One of the things I’ve been really careful with, both during pregnancy and since giving birth to little Elka Scout, is to keep up my Pilates. It’s really helped me feel more confident in my body and trust that I am strong enough to do things without hurting myself.

I’d love to hear about any Mums and Bubs classes that you can recommend in your area so that we can share that information with other mums out there who are looking to stay healthy.

If you’re in the Seacliff or surrounding area, Gen from EnerG+ offers Personal Training, ‘Parents and Prams’ and lots more. Pilates is coming soon too! Information is below- and make sure you let us know what you do to keep fit as we’d love to share that information.


Pre & Post Pregnancy Pilates:
  • Starting Monday 13th Oct and running until 30/3/15
  • Every Monday except public holidays at 7.30pm
  • Angus Neil Reserve, Seacliff
  • Bookings are required (especially for those who are pregnant so that programs can be adjusted as needed)
  • $15 pay as you go or $125 for a block of 10, $265 for a block of 22
  • This class is also open to everyone else – you don’t have to be pregnant/recently given birth
Parents & Prams:
  • Tuesdays 1.30pm at Trott Park Neighbourhood Centre
  • $6 payable to the centre this term (could change as the centre choose this price)
  • This session is subsidized by the City of Marion
  • Bring your little one to a fitness class with you, exercise with them, have them playing/sleeping beside you, special bonding time for you and your child,a chance to interact with other parents.
Other group sessions:
  • Monday – Boxing Circuit 6.30pm Seacliff
  • Wednesday – Bootcamp 6pm Seacliff
  • Wednesday – Pilates 7pm Marino/Seacliff  (currently Marino, moving to Seacliff mid Oct)
  • Thursday – Boxing Circuit 5.30pm Trott Park
  • Thursday – Pilates 6.30pm Trott Park
  • Saturday Bootcamp 6am & 7am Seacliff

Personal Training:

  • By appointment
Bookings and enquiries:

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