Ever had your kids say they want to be a pilot when they grow up? I used to say that as a kid sometimes so I’d be able to go travel the world. Today my kids had the coolest time at Flight Experience Adelaide – piloting a Boeing 737 on a very fun and realistic simulator, and they LOVED it!

Flight Experience is hands-on fun and learning

Located at Parafield Airport, Adelaide Flight Experience was the first and original flight simulator to open to the Adelaide public. I can honestly say I’d never thought about taking kids to a flight simulator but I would definitely do it again. Our kids are nearly 5 & 7 and they got a real kick out of their flight experience and feeling like they piloted a ‘real plane’ to take off and land.

Big thanks to the amazing ‘co-pilot’ / trainer Regan who absolutely made the kids feel at ease and having fun the whole time. Keeping kids of that age engaged in anything for 30mins straight is a hard task, but Regan took great care to pitch her words, tasks and ‘co-pilot assistance’ at exactly the right level. The kids felt like they’d done all the main pilot jobs to get the plane off the ground and safely back to the airport.

Flight Experience Adelaide operate a “high-fidelity, CASA Approved Boeing 737-800 flight simulator”, which means it’s the type that real pilots-in-training use to practice for their pilots license! The kids thought that was really cool to think they were pretty much flying a real plane!

Getting the pre-flight briefing – Regan teaches the kids the main plane features.

On arrival the kids were treated like real pilots coming to fly the plane. Regan gave us all a talk about what we could expect during our session and then we watched a short Pilot 101 info video about some of the basics. “Yeah, I can do all that” says my 4 year old after watching!!

Fast forward 5minutes and the kids are dressed in the Captain’s uniform, real aircraft headsets on and in the cockpit controlling the plane ✈️ A short instruments brief later and they were taking off from an airport of their choice with thousands to choose from!

Little brother watching and listening on while older brother learns the ropes.

Passengers are well catered for, sitting just behind the pilot with full view and getting their own headrests to listen to all the comms between the pilots. It was actually really awesome even watching and listening to the kids enjoying the experience and I’m keen to go back and try myself one time.

Flight Experience Adelaide caters for all ages – so for our young kids they had a 30 minute session and that was plenty for little people who usually struggle to concentrate on anything longer than a Bluey show. Pitched at he perfect level, with the 6 year old getting more involved with adjusting the speed and altitude etc than the 4 year old. I can see how the Instructors can easily ramp up the controls and experience in levels hat cater to kids, teenagers and then onto a real life full simulation for wannabe pilots.

Our kids had a great time on the whole experience, getting up close in a cockpit and in control of a take off, flight and landing with Flight Experience. They even got a Captaib’s certificate and keychain after the flight and we took home a video of the entire flight. The kids loved feeling in control and prided themselves on their great landing skills (thanks for helping out First Officer Regan!). What I had thought perhaps was better suited to older kids, I actually found was awesome for younger kids too and would be a great experience for all ages!

At the end, you receive a Captain’s certificate and keychain

You can find Flight Experience at Parafield Airport – Hanger 59 and literally overlooking the real airport outside. Booking times are open between 10am & 5pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 9pm Thursday
Cost: 30 minutes : $99.00 | 60 minutes : $129.00 | 90 minute Multi (group up to 3) : $179
Boarding Passes can be purchased online or by calling 08 8267 2737


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