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Introducing the Freshbox – Food Heaven!

Aussie Farmers Direct support Australian farmers and local suppliers, which we absolutely love. 


The Freshbox. You guys. Check this out. I was SO lucky this week, and when my family received a WW Freshbox from Aussie Farmers Direct packed full of 5 delicious meals for our family of four. As full time working parents with 2 little children, this was an absolute blessing. It’s funny how I’ve gone from being so excited to find a parcel from my favourite online shop on the doorstep to being absolutely THRILLED to see food on my doorstep! Hahaha. #kidschangeyou #stilllikeonlineshopping #WWfreshbox



I’ve found that, since returning to work, I’ve been very slack with my own dietary needs. Why is it that I will spend the weekend making, baking and creating yummy,  healthy snacks and meals for my children but I then throw a crusty Promite sandwich in my bag for lunch with zero regard for my own health!

The WW Freshbox contents vary each week. It’s actually brilliant for those of you who are like me and just want to eat something healthy and delicious without having to sort through a maze of recipes, ingredients or calorie charts. Each week, the menu changes on the website. It’s really clear what you will receive if you order the box so you can really change up what you are eating each week, which we really enjoyed about the process as we tend to rotate through the same 10 meals. There are a range of boxes to choose from: 4 people, 2 people, vegetarian etc.


You can also purchase your own groceries through the Aussie Famer’s Direct website if you want to, it’s not just restricted to a set box. BUT, we did find the box to be a really great way to be organised, healthy and nourished through our busy working week. The meals we devoured were: Beef steaks with chive cream sauce (not much left over from this one! Scrumptious!), oven baked chicken schnitzel (this was AMAZING), Thai Fried Rice (this provided a really large meal and was a winner with the kids), Warm chicken and brown rice salad (delicious!), Italian meatballs with pasta and tomato sauce (good for lunch the next day too).

Get $25 off your first order. (Minimum spend $65) by using the code FRESH25 on checkout from now until November 30 2016

Thai Fried Rice (sorry, I'm not a food photographer, but this was delish!

Thai Fried Rice (sorry, I’m not a food photographer, but this was delish!

Here are the best things we found from our WW Freshbox:

  • Delivered to the door in a perfectly chilled box of deliciousness
  • All meals comes with recipes
  • The box includes almost all ingredients except for a couple of things like mustard/pepper. You will get an email before delivery telling you of any ‘pantry’ needs for the recipes.
  • Yummy leftovers. We have 2 small children who somehow manage to eat A LOT! But we still had enough left overs for my husband and I to eat for lunch the next day. Yahoo! Bye-bye Promite sandwiches!
  • It’s a simple process, from the ordering, payment, delivery, right through to the cooking.
  • The chicken is AMAZING.
  • We really enjoyed cooking healthy, filling meals, and the kids (2.5 and 1 year old) enjoyed them too. Our eldest daughter particularly liked the ‘dirty carrots’ as they were fresh from the ground unlike the ones we buy at the grocery store, which have been washed.
  • No delivery fee for over $25
  • Aussie Farmers Direct support Australian farmers and local suppliers, which we think is really important

…Aussie Farmers Direct is a unique home delivery service that offers hundreds of mouth-watering Aussie products delivered direct to your door.

By shopping with us, you’re supporting smaller Australian farmers and local suppliers-who often can’t get a contract with the major supermarkets. So while you’re enjoying the best produce Australia has to offer, you’re making a difference in the food industry and you’re helping keep farmers on their land…”

To get more information, head to their website:

FYI I received a free Family of 4 Freshbox from WW Freshbox. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links, which means Kids in Adelaide receive a small commission if you make a purchase using this link, so if you do, we thank you!

Get $25 off your first order. (Minimum spend $65) by using the code FRESH25 on checkout from now until November 30 2016

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