Henley Square redevelopment at Henley Beach has transformed a lovely, family-friendly square into a beautiful, open, calm, natural space for families to enjoy. The space is beautifully suited to it’s surroundings, with seating mimicking the soft rolling waves of Henley Beach. There’s water play galore and a huge open space for picnics, ball games and general lazing about. There’s seating and some shade, plus all the cafes and restaurants you could hope for. PLUS the updated Henley Beach Surf Club is worth heading to if you want a good feed with a relaxed vibe.

Features we thought were worth noting about the redevelopment at Henley Square are…

  • First and foremost, I don’t want to sound like a negative Nelly, BUT there is ZERO fencing, or any sort of obstruction, to stop children running from the water play area towards busy Seaview Road. The water play area isn’t too far away from the road so please be aware of this when your children are playing as it can get busy and we did see one little boy almost get to the road before anyone could stop him. It’s not a problem if you station yourselves on the road side of the water play area, but it is something to keep in mind. The water play space itself is a large, open area where children can jump, splash and play, keeping them entertained for AGES. There’s no shade over the water play area, but there’s plenty around the edges.
  • Along with the ground lay water play area, there’s also a funky looking shower on the edge of the square that kids love. I’d suggest you take a change of clothes just in case your child is like ours and goes straight under the water without pausing!
  • As mentioned earlier, the seating is another fantastic feature. Kids of all ages will love climbing, lounging and socialising on these seats. The wooden seats add a sense of texture to the square too.


We spent about a couple of hours down at Henley Beach checking out the space, scooter-ing and snacking. It’s a wonderful place to be during the summer (and winter actually!) and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.