A great contribution from our lovely friends over at Simple Nourishment  about the ongoing quest to fill our children’s bellies with delicious, wholesome veggies…. somehow!
“….To hide or not to hide? Some experts are not in favour of disguising vegetables in food, let alone snacks! We want to be up front in saying that although we’re not academic experts we are experts due to experience 🙂
We are huge advocates for utilising methods that work because, let’s be honest, one size does NOT fit all of us and our families. We hide as many vegetables in our snack recipes as possible – sometimes we go overboard in fact and our cakes turn out much denser than usual.
The theory behind the experts view is that if we hide the veg then our children will not become accustomed to the texture and stand alone flavour. However, what we have experienced in the initial stage between baby to toddler,  where they start to assert their likes and dislikes (the stage that catches most new mums unaware) we have found, great success in incorporating and then re-introducing the whole food progressively. Persistence, I have to say, is the main ingredient! This theory (and it’s success for our own families) was some of the basis in which we put together Super Snacks, our cookbook….”

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