Higgledee Giggledee is a book by Australian author Ben Long about a naughty pig up to mischief in the town of Port Piggledee.
This is a book perfect for kids around 3-5 years of age, full of rhyming words and repetition of the line “Who do you ask, is to blame for the fuss? Of course! It’s Higgledee Giggledee!”
Winnie and I read it together and she chimes in at the end of each page.

The illustrations by Tom Hermann are great, full page and bright and make sure you remember to count the mice on each page which add another cute element to this book.
We make up our own stories about what’s going on for each page, but the end result is always the same, it’s always something to do with Higgledee Giggledee being naughty!

Higgledee Giggledee Book Review by Kids in Adelaide

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