Ok sports fans do we have the party for you! There are a hundred options for you to pick when you work out what to do with your little crew for a party, from an outdoor picnic, to a party at home or one of the many indoor play cafe type spots. But when we were planning our party for sporty Mr 7, we stumbled across the kids parties at ICA Sportzworkz Stepney and had to give it a shot!

The kids just loved having a party where they can play their favourite sports with their friends. They can choose to play cricket, soccer, netball, dodgeball and footy (we got to pick 3 sports). We ended up giving footy, cricket and soccer a run and definitely recommend one of the ball games where the kids can just randomly run around and spend some energy. Soccer was a good pick for that we thought, but chat to the uber friendly staff about what might be best for your group. They were happy to mix and match and be very flexible which was so helpful.

We got allocated our very own court, (plus party host!) and party area (we actually had 2 courts for a fair part of our time until another booking came later on), with loads of space for your present table and places to eat for all the kids. The provided food was absolutely spot on! We had an early morning party, so the mid morning fruit platter really hit the spot and if you are the type of parent who loves to smash some party food (like us), we highly recommend the quiches. Just delicious….maybe save some for the kids though. The supplied decorations (you can bring your own) were just the best! Made on-site by staff, they have done a sensational job turning the space into a really cool party zone.

Our group was a mixed bag of confidence levels and sporting abilities, which wasn’t an issue at all. If a kid wanted to sit out a few minutes, that was cool. Grab a drink of water and a quick rest before rejoining the group for all the fun.

All ages are welcome, ICA Stepney’s sports coaches can accommodate any age groups and a mix of skill levels.

Catering is included (gluten free on request) and the party is set up and cleaned up for you. Could it get any easier? All that needs to be organised is the birthday cake and to invite the kids!

The indoor sports arena is fully air-conditioned, has 4 full sized courts, function room and kiosk (coffee….they have coffee!)

Bookings are essential and are quick and easy to do online.
Visit ICA Stepney’s website for more party details, pricing and to book online.

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