Last week we put the call out that we were looking for an Adelaide Dad to join the team here at Kids in Adelaide and WOW! we did not expect the response we got!!! We’ve had so many fantastic videos come in from so many fantastic Dads around Adelaide that we’re now struggling to work out how we’re ever going to choose.

We’re going to leave it open for another week(ish) so to answer some of the questions we’ve been getting we’ve put this post up to help you decide if you could be the Dad we’re looking for!

KiA Dad Search FAQ

What’s involved?
We are a team of seven Mums here at Kids in Adelaide and we feel it’s DEFINITELY time to “add a Dad” to the mix.
Basically we’re looking for someone who has an hour or two per week (sometimes more, sometimes less) to go to some events for us, visit some playgrounds, maybe sip a few babyccinos, possibly try some products out and just generally share what they get up to with their kids when they’re out and about in Adelaide.

Is it paid?
At the moment, payment will be in the form of free tickets to events, free movies, maybe some products, a free feed or two BUT down the track if we find the right guy we’re definitely open to this becoming a paid gig. Imagine that!!!! Getting paid to play!

Do I have to live in the city?
At first we thought yes, BUT since we opened up the applications we’ve had some really REALLY great regional Dads send in their videos so at this stage we’ll be finding one Adelaide based Dad and one or maybe two regional Dads. So no matter where you live, we want to hear from you!

Do I need any special skills?
No, not really. We would however like someone who is comfortable in front of the camera and happy to share photos and videos when they’re out and about. You don’t have to be Steven Spielberg but you do need a decent camera/phone and also need to be ok with us posting your images/videos on our website and social pages.

How many hours a week would it be?
It’s VERY flexible. To start with probably 1-2 hours a week, or one event/playground/cafe/place/thing a week. But that could increase down the track.

How do I apply?
Send us a short video either on Facebook, Instagram or you can email us at Let us know who you are, a bit about your kids (just ages is fine) and the kinds of things you like doing with them. Your favourite places to visit, where you like to go, your go to playground. Let us know if you have any ideas for what you could bring to our team, tell us a joke, show us your best dance moves (you won’t be the first one!!)

Got questions?
Let us know in the comments below, send us a PM on Facebook or Instagram.

So what are you waiting for! Send us your vid!

Hey Dads! We want YOU! ????We’re looking for a Dad, or maybe even a couple of Dads to come and join the KiA team. If you enjoy getting out and about with your kids, you’re comfortable in front of the camera, and you have time to check out some events, visit some playgrounds and keen to fill up your school holiday diary we want to hear from you.Send us a quick video message either here or over on Instagram and let us know a bit about you and why you’d like the gig and we’ll hopefully ADD A DAD to our team soon!

Posted by Kids In Adelaide on Wednesday, 5 June 2019