Kids in Adelaide Pick of the Adelaide Fringe in 2023


The 2022 Adelaide Fringe runs from Friday, February 17, 2023 – Sunday, March 19, 2023

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas, we are talking about the 2023 Adelaide Fringe! Four weeks of fun across Adelaide including a BUNCH of family friendly shows. There is everything from kids dance shows, kids circus performances, music concerts for the whole family, live theatre with much loved kids stories, puppet shows that even Mum & Dad will enjoy and even discos for kids!

The Adelaide Fringe is such a brilliant family event for kids of all ages – there are shows for babies and little kids right through to tweens and teenagers that will leave the whole family wanting more. Because of the casual nature of most Adelaide Fringe shows, taking your kids to a performance is a great way to introduce them to the arts and start teaching them about theatre etiquette. The whole family might learn some new dance moves, a circus trick, a new song or even learn a valuable life lesson.

Most of the family friendly shows happen over the weekends of the Adelaide Fringe so have a look at our picks below or jump onto the Children section of the Adelaide Fringe website and start booking! Will you see a much loved children’s ballet? A classic kids performer you remember from your own childhood? (We’re looking at you Peter Coombe!) A bubble show?  Or will you see something quirky or take a chance on a new artist? No matter what you see, your kids are sure to love it and coupled with some of the funky venues and delicious Fringe food options, it’s sure to be a fun family day out.

Not only are there shows in the main Adelaide Fringe hubs in the heart of the city, there are also performances across Adelaide suburbs at community centres and theatres as well as regional shows. So no matter where you live, there is sure to be something close by to enjoy with the whole family.

We’ll be updating this page frequently with all our favourite Adelaide Fringe shows for kids and families this year. Make sure you check back often, and also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for show reviews and other family friendly Fringe highlights. If you’re a performer or show and would like to enquire about advertising with us, please email

Our Pick of 2023 Adelaide Fringe Shows for Kids

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Our Favourite Adelaide Fringe Shows for Kids in 2022

Splash Test Dummies

REVIEW| Splash Test Dummies has become an absolute Adelaide Fringe icon for the kids, am I right? I can’t tell you how many kids from our team have enjoyed them over the years and this year is no exception. It’s a fine, fine quality show of slapstick comedy, physical circus, a touch of toilet humour and a sprinkling of laughs for the grownup’s too.
We caught a show on opening weekend in The Garden of Unearthly Delights, loved it *obviously* and our mini reviewers (both aged 7yo) rated it five stars.
Put this show top of your list for the 5-10yo’s. You won’t be sorry and I bet you can’t find a bad review any where.

ABOUT THE SHOW: Rub-a-dub-dub, The Dummies are here with some splish splashing circus set to drown you in tears of laughter.

The Splash Test Dummies are off on an exciting adventure of oceanic proportions! With a brilliant array of catch-your-breath stunt work, dazzling acrobatics, dexterous juggling and side-splitting, slapstick comedy, the Dummies are ready to roll out their beach towels and spring into an exciting hour of circus-filled hilarity for the whole family.

Dummies Corp features world-class circus artists who “surprise and delight” (Edinburgh Festival for Kids). They are the Australian leaders in narrative driven circus comedy, recognised globally for creations of quality that are intelligent, theatrical and inventive.
They have shared this epic adventure with audiences from the UK, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. This “hour of pure thrilling entertainment” (Sunday Mail Edinburgh) has wowed the critics and won coveted awards at the world’s largest arts festivals, Adelaide Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe. “Their circus, juggling and stunt work is sharp; their timing impeccable; and their core strength, frankly enviable!” (The Age).

“This show has everything and is just plain joyous” (The List UK). Grab your flippers and snorkel and join the Dummies diving from bathtubs to beaches on this wild aquatic ride!

Petit Circus - Bon Appetit

REVIEW| From the moment we stepped foot in the Bon Appetit restaurant (aka The Peacock Tent at Gluttony) we knew we were about to get a taste of something wonderful.

Petit Circus have dished up an exciting and action-packed 50 minutes of fun. From aerial acrobatics to incredible juggling acts, these three talented performers had the kids in awe one minute and giggling their little heads off the next. They’re super talented and know exactly how to put on a show. The crowd were eating it right up (pun intended)
With shows on Friday, Saturday and Sundays, I suggest booking ASAP. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better show to suit the younger ones!
Kids love it. Adults love it. You’ll love it. A must see family friendly Fringe show!

ABOUT THE SHOW: Set in a restaurant, with fun food themed circus, aerials, acrobatics, juggling, hula hoops, musical moments, comedy and more! Come and see why this audience favourite has performed at every Fringe for the past 11 years, and got 5 stars from the Advertiser!

★★★★★ “What an absolute joy this performance was” – The Barefoot Review

★★★★★ “Of all of the kids’ circuses and shows that I have seen, this is probably the most seamless and professional… If you have kids, like kids or were once a kid, this show is a total must-see.” – Kryztoff

Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale: Absolute Chaos!

REVIEW|  Ready to see an infectiously happy comedian with a skill set like no other? We caught Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale’s ‘Absolute Chaos’ on Sunday night and left on an absolute high (no hash cookies required). It was a great family pick that served our tribe of varying ages well and pumped up the entire audience, regardless of on stage participation.

Little wonder Matt has a global rep for his work, I didn’t expect him to be so genuine and transparent in his craft and the surprise package for me was finding it educational. The show was absolutely hilarious and certainly delivered the promised chaos for those who chose to participate on stage.

If you are considering this one or haven’t seen Matt before, do it, and don’t hesitate to get up on stage – it’s our only regret and now I think we need to go back. Note you do have to be 18 to volunteer in the show, but kids & teens will get a massive kick out of seeing family members and other members of the audience let go of all inhibitions and get stuck in to the fun.

Pretty keen to return now and see his silent disco style visulistation show The Clubnosis Experience

More about Absolute Chaos:

The must-see 2020 and 2021 award-winning comedy hypnosis festival fave returns with a brand new show and big party vibes!
Thought last year was Bonkers? This year it’s Absolute Chaos! Enjoy from onstage or in the audience (you choose!)

Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale shares his modern brand of hypno laughs, no swinging watches and 100% chicken-free!
All ages friendly, regularly sells out and features on various Best Shows / Top 10 / Pick of the Fringe lists. Book now!

Roald Dahl and The Imagination Seekers

REVIEW | What a sensational theatrical performance by 2 very talented peformers, who kept the audience absolutely enthralled with a show based on the much-loved books of Roald Dahl (You know them all….Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The Twits, The BFG etc).

No fancy props or acrobats needed here, which was such a lovely diversion with the performers engaging regularly with the crowd and encouraging them to use their imagination. This wasn’t a case of ‘sit back and watch a show’, but all the kids (and parents too) were encouraged to take part and it really was a lovely, intimate feeling performance even with the decent sized crowd at our show. The time actually flew by and we highly recommend this one for the 3 til 10 crowd. We actually took an 18 month old as well, and he was transfixed the whole time….which is no mean feat!

If your kids are the type to want to jump on stage and take part in the show, get ready to throw the hand up as a couple of chances pop up to get up there and take part in the show.

Definitely one to get along too!


All around the world Roald Dahl’s words are disappearing not only from books but children’s minds too!

Now only a Secret Organisation known as The Ancient Guild of Taletenders can save the stories and they need your help…
This show is an immersive and interactive performance, involving games and imaginative play, while exploring Roald Dahlʼs extraordinary stories, including The BFG and The Twits along the way.


REVIEW| Aerials, trapeze, lifts, hoops, balancing & just a bit of grooving is what you’ll find in this awesome show. A fun storyline pulls the show together, with plenty of humour interspersed between the circus tricks. Our kids were captivated the entire show, as was the rest of the audience which is no mean feat when there’s only three people onstage!

Expect to be awed by the strength & talent of the performers which will have your kids trying to flip, balance & swing from whatever they can find! The music will have you bopping & the fart jokes will have the kids giggling.

Pro tip: Don’t tell your kid you are going to a “Dinosaur Show”- there are no dinos in this one! They loved it all the same however!


This show rocks! A hilarious circus show for children and parents of all ages, following three foolish Neanderthals as they struggle to survive the harsh natural world. Avoiding predators, navigating harsh environments, and learning to work together are all explored with marvellous circus skills and hilarious slapstick comedy.

With truly incredible circus and tongue-in-cheek humour for the adults, PreHysterical is something everyone will enjoy.

Sky Song

REVIEW | This moving experience is a must-see for all. We left feeling such a renewed connection to and appreciation for our First Nation people and the sacred Kaurna land we live on.
Drones, lighting and sound combine to light up the sky with stunning pictures and patterns, to tell stories from Aboriginal culture past and present. You can expect to see the drones creating animals, shapes, faces and words that make you really stop and think. The music that accompanies the imagery is perfectly set and helps to set the mood. Sky Song is at times light-hearted, sometimes confronting, sometimes heart-warming and always thought provoking. The chapter about the Stolen Generation is particularly haunting and will no doubt leave your heart aching.

“Five hundred language groups existed harmoniously before occupation”

Quotes such as this one are perfectly placed throughout the show, never failing to send a shiver down your spine. Is it a good show for kids? Absolutely, if they can stay awake late enough! Kaurna culture and language is featured as part of many school’s curriculum nowadays, this is great extension for them to learn more about our First Nations People. Even if they are too young to quite graps some of the deeper concepts of the show, they will love the drones, music and imagery on the screens.

The setting at Leconfield in the heart of McLaren Vale is perfect. Food trucks, bars and acoustic music create a fun atmosphere while waiting for the show to begin. Take a rug, picnic and chairs – don’t forget warmer clothes for when the sun sets!
The groups of Indigenous artists and musicians that have come together to create Sky Song are immensely talented, passionate individuals. It will leave it’s mark on your soul.

Wilbur the Optical Whale

REVIEW| This just might be the most heartwarming show you’ll see all year! If you have little kids aged anywhere from 2-6 years old, be sure to take them to this delightful show, presented by indelabilityarts.

It is an immersive experience, with the narrator taking the time to chat with audience members prior to the show to explain that the show is Auslan interpreted, that everyone can make themselves comfortable on the stage on beanbags, cushions, rugs & even inflatable sea-creatures! Tents are set up on the side of the stage for anyone who wishes to take some time out or relax. Being on the stage with the performers feels just a little bit magical &makes it easy for the kids to join in with the games that Wilbur The Optical Whale loves to play such ‘hide & seaweed’ & ‘foamball’.

The story is one of friendship, celebrating differences, learning to say sorry & taking time to play. As Wilbur & best friend Cecil The Shark look back over their friendship & learn to stand up to the Starfish Meanie Gang together, you will find yourself smiling to yourself that there is still good in the world & that the crew at indelabilityarts have made it their mission to make sure everyone is included & accepted for who they are.

Beautiful digital imagery surrounding the stage, along with silks & a vibrant blue ocean floor ties the show together in a sensory delight for adults & kids alike.
After the show, the cast took time to meet the kids, show them the set & costumes & chat about their favourite parts of the show. This is a group of truly passionate & talented people who have created a very special experience.


Winner of the Adelaide Fringe Access Award and weekly Innovation Award (2020) ‘Wilbur the Optical Whale’ returns to Adelaide in 2022. 

Based on the book by Karen Lee Roberts, ‘Wilbur the Optical Whale’ is a ‘tail’ about friendship, acceptance, and celebrating difference. Wilbur and Cecil are the best of friends and one day while playing hide and seaweed, they are set upon by the Starfish Meanie Gang! How do they get out of this one? 

‘Wilbur the Optical Whale’ is an immersive, interactive and accessible performance for children aged 3+. It is set in an exquisitely crafted underwater world full of fun, interactive play, stunning circus tricks, digital and visual imagery, and music. All performances are Auslan interpreted, and are presented as ‘relaxed’.

Dinosaur Time Machine

REVIEW| Get ready to roar with excitement as you join two extremely talented and equally hilarious scientists and journey back in time to discover a prehistoric world of dinosaurs.

Dino lovers (5 and up) will be delighted with the simplicity of the show, focussing on its wacky humour, high-energy theatrics, life-like puppetry and super cool facts – the ones the kids will take back to the schoolyard to WOW their friends. The show engages directly with the audience and judging by the booming response from the crowd, the interaction throughout the performance (especially the fart jokes) is a massive hit.

It’s funny, it’s entertaining and it’s educational.

Now, excuse me, I’m off to eat a dinosaur sandwich! (IYKYK)

ABOUT THE SHOW: Buckle up and take a trip in a giant time machine to get up close and personal with a life sized T-Rex. Learn about the ancient world of dinosaurs in the most exciting way possible. Two adventurous performers use science, circus, puppetry and imagination to give you a glimpse into history that you won’t forget.

Adelaide Fringe Best Children’s Show – Adelaide Advertiser Hitlist 2016

“Dinosaur Time Machine isn’t your everyday dinosaur show. It weaves factual information into the fun… circus and puppetry and audience interaction are all used to great affect… the charm of Dinosaur Time Machine lies in its ability to convey through simple means how science works.” – Adelaide Advertiser

“It is educational, well done, and extremely entertaining” – Global Media

Mr Spin's BAM WOW Amazing Show!

REVIEW | Mr Spin & The Maestro had our 2.5 year old & 6 year old’s full attention for their entire show – no easy task!
This show is classic kids comedy – a bit a juggling, some magic, plenty of slapstick & some music thrown in for good measure.

While the magic & juggling impressed the kids, it was the slapstick that had them roaring with laughter – cause to kids there is nothing funnier than people falling over & hurting themselves, right?

While simple tricks kept them entertained throughout the show, it’s the finale that really wowed them – a combo of unicycle, bass guitar, one man band complete with trumpet & accordion & singing. What a high (literally) to finish on!

Mr Snotbottom's Stinky Silly Show

REVIEW | Officially the most deeeeesgusting show at Adelaide Fringe. In the very best way possible!
Always a favourite with the stinky, smelly, booger loving KiA kids Mr Snotbottom is back again this year with his Stinky Silly Show.
If you’re kids love a good fart joke, slime, stink, gruesome gags, bums and boogers – this is the show for them.

The kids (and plenty of the adults) in the audience squealed with delight throughout this 50 minute whirlwind of whiffy entertainment. The sound of all those kids giggling and just completely enjoying themselves so much is worth the ticket price alone.


Kids comedy hero Mr Snot-bottom, brings his slimiest and stinkiest of songs, gruesomest of gags, plus some BRAND NEW just-wrong routines in a rollercoaster of weirdness this Adelaide Fringe!

Star of the award winning* ‘Busy Bodies’ podcast, fringe favourite Mr Snot bottom will have weird kids 5+ and their even weirder parents gasping, groaning and howling with delight with the most hysterically deeeeesgusting moments from a career of sell-out shows and rave reviews! ★★★★★ “multi-generational comedy for all…a must see show!” Glam Adelaide. ★★★★ “kiddy stand up at its best” The Advertiser

*Best Family Podcast 2020 Silver Medalilst Aus Podcast Awards.
Nominated Best Children’s Event Perth Fringe 2020.

You are a Doughnut

REVIEW | Science themed, focussing on a comedy infused journey through our digestive system, this incredible new addition to the Fringe from the insanely talented team behing ‘Alphabet of Awesome Science’ is absolutely top shelf family entertainment. The crowd just could not get enough of this action packed (and sometimes kind of stomach churning….in an hilarious way!) hour of discovery from 2 extremely talented performers who bounce off each other with incredible comic timing and very impressive scientific knowledge!

If you have any doubt that a science or learning themed show can’t be unbelievably fun, then let us cast those doubts aside. Don’t take our word for it, we had to LINE UP after the show to greet the performers to congratulate them on a great show. The audience just lapped this one up and it is a proper 5 star show. Get around it!


From the creators of the award-winning “The Alphabet of Awesome Science”…
…comes a brand new biological-musical-comedy-adventure — that takes a deep dive through the human digestive system!
Join guest lecturer Oesoph A. Gus and class clown Dewey Dean as they embark upon a brilliant exploration of every twisty tube and remarkable organ — with sketches, songs and sensational science! It’s a fast-paced variety hour — with each new digestive destination inspiring a wonderfully unusual performance. Brace yourself for the weirdest, grossest (and most fun!) biology class / comedy double act / vaudeville performance that you’ll ever experience! 

Book tickets at

The Most Spectacular Cake

“I have a feeling something bad just happened…”

Today is the day when Head Chef Wren Auclair, will make their most spectacular cake – the cake of all cakes! But today is also the day when best friend and bumbling Junior Chef Ash Sock-le-blurgh, will assist… Amidst all the cake, cream and clowns, what could possibly go wrong?
Follow the misadventure of Wren and Ash as they craft up a recipe for clown mayhem. ‘The Most Spectacular Cake!’ is ready to bake and all it will take is you!

Catch the show at Marion Cultural Centre, Eliza Hall at Payinthi and The Parks Theatres

Book tickets at

The Amazing Drumming Monkeys

Australia’s favourite family puppet show is back in the Garden of Unearthly Delights in 2022. The Amazing Drumming Monkeys have been delighting audiences around Australia and internationally for the past 18 years.

Perfect for little kids and great for adults as well, this show has something for everyone. Cute & funny monkey puppets for the children, hilarious comedy for the adults, funky live drumming for all ages, and a message for the world.

It’s rare to find a show that can be equally enjoyed by young children, and their parents.  The Amazing Drumming Monkeys does that and more.  It’s a fantastic show!

★★★★★  “Our Favourite Concert!” Rolling Music, Shanghai China.
★★★★1/2  “Top Banana!” Adelaide Advertiser.

Monski Mouse's Baby Disco Dance Hall

Every Weekend of Fringe in The Garden

REVIEW | If you are after a fun filled hour of dancing for parents right down to babies, then look no further than Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco. But wait, we aren’t talking about an hour of ear cringeing baby tunes here, we are talking a brilliant selection of your fave throwback thursday hits (you know the ones….brings you right back to your days on the dance floor at *insert pub that has now closed down because we are OLD).

We took along an excitable 18 month old and it was just fantastic fun. We took him last year and it was so fun to see him grow and really get into it this year. The songs bring you right into the show, with everyone encouraged to get amongst the grooving and shaking and show the kids how its done. If getting amongst it isn’t your bag, there are plenty of seats to let you enjoy the show however you feel comfortable. It was a fabulously fun show that we highly recommend for the ‘up to school age’ crowd.


THE must-see event for young families this Fringe. Perfect boogie-tastic fun for Mum, Dad, Gran, Auntie, Uncle, Sister, Brother and the wee ones in your life! Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall is an immersive dance and play event for young audiences and their favourite adults. Hosted by DJ Monski Mouse and the Monski Mouse Dancers producing unforgettable dance-floor moments which seamlessly flow from sublime to inspired ridiculousness. Come ready to dance!

“BEST TIME EVER” Edinburgh Families Magazine

“Forget Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Legs & Co and Pans People, when it comes to getting on down, there’s no one to touch Monski Mouse, who is bringing Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall back to get those babies pumping air and working out their fancy footwork. Monski will be spinning the tunes while her troupe of dancers will be leading the room in a full-on sesh for everyone from teeny-tinies to dad-dancers. No one is exempt from the groove.” The Metro London


Soggy is thirsty. Really thirsty. His friends have water, but can he find them? 

A fun circus show comprising of acrobatics, giant hoop, dance, hula-hoops (that glow in the dark!), diabolos, bubbles & more bubbles – this is original circus at it’s finest. The cast interact beautifully with the kids in the audience, whilst showing off their skills. Set to a killer soundtrack, this show will have you bopping, clapping & cheering all at once. 

Raincoats not needed, but you will get a little wet!

Game on 3

This was the most fun this 40yo kids show reviewer has had in AGES! With an 8y0 and 18 month old in tow, we laughed hysterically, shot nerf guns at each other, smashed inflatable donkey kong barrels, tried to pick the Among Us imposter in the crowd and bonded over trivia from video games from both of eras.

Seriously, this was right up our ball park and we couldn’t get enough of it. Don’t take our word for it either (but you should….we totally know our stuff), but you should take the word of the packed house full of families having an absolute ball for the hour of video game and quiz fun!

If you have a 5-15yo gamer, then just book this show. Now. You will thank us later……and if you aren’t a gamer, you will honestly still have a blast with the energetic, enthusiastic and bloody hilarious on-stage team.

Party Pooper

Best Circus Weekly Award Winners from 2020 and 2021; Wildhouse Circus is returning to Adelaide Fringe with an all new show in 2022. A circus-y reinvention of the classic birthday party, Party Pooper features three childish acrobats, partying like it’s past their bedtime!

Wildhouse Circus (formed in 2012 in Melbourne) is a national award-winning circus company, composed of internationally renowned artists. The creative ensemble are three professional circus artists, each of which grew up in youth circus including Australia’s Leading National Youth Circus; The Flying Fruit Fly Circus, and Adelaide’s own; Cirkidz. Party Pooper features all the classics: Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Hula Hoops, Pass the Parcel, Popping Balloons, Handstands, Confetti Cannons and the jaw-dropping Acrobatics that Australian Circus is renowned for.

Wildhouse Circus founder; Felicia Lannan says: “We’ve tried to capture that real spark that kids have when it comes to celebrating themselves and their achievements. Which contracts quite starkly with the character of the ‘party pooper’ – who represents a very adult approach to ‘not making a big deal about themselves’.” Previously described as a “thoroughly fun, energetic, and feel-good show that appeals to adults and kids alike. ” – Weekend Notes ★★★★★ 2019. After two years of cancelled plans and rescheduled celebrations it’s time to don your party hats and treat the kids to some real entertainment.

The Alphabet of Awesome Science

REVIEW| This is absolute top shelf kids entertainment (to be fair, the adults loved every minute as well), with the fast paced, incredibly action packed ‘extravaganza of exciting escapades’ by Professors Lexi Con and Noel Edge (I hope Lexi enjoys our nod to her fabulously entertaining alphabet themed intros to each experiment!).

Run through the alphabet, with a different experiement every 2 minutes linked to each letter, with some very explosive and dynamic experiments keeping the audience (a packed one we might add) on the edge of their seats for a solid hour of fun. We took along an 18 month old through to a couple of teens, and everyone loved it! The presenters were even aware to give a little warning before any big bangs, so you could cover little ears…..which we loved! Lock this one in for a return visit next year. 


Join professors Lexi Con and Noel Edge (the Word Nerd and the Science freak) for a thrilling voyage through the alphabet — where sesquipedalian words inspire mind-blowing scientific surprises! It’s a tongue-twisting race from A to Z that’s equal parts explosive, messy, hilarious, fascinating and gross. Brace yourself for an hour of carefully crafted alphabetical, scientifical (award-winning!) chaos — that floats, flies, squirts, sprays, ignites and erupts! 

Book your tickets at


We enter this world alone. We spend our lives building friendships, forging relationships, joining communities and forming bonds. Each of these bonds has a different dynamic, moments of tension and relaxation. Relationships change, bonds break, bindings are strengthened. But after all is done… We leave this world alone.

Book your tickets at

Bubble Show With Mini Milkshake

How do they do it? No seriously, when I try to blow bubble they come out teeny & pop after 3 secs. In Bubble Show With Mini Milkshake, you will see square bubbles, round bubbles, bubbles filled with foam, horizontal bubbles, ginormous bubbles & bubbles stacked into incredible formations.

The talent from Dr Bubble & Milkshake is epic & you never know what kind of bubble is coming next. The energy from Milkshake in particular is strong as they present the story of the doll, Mini Milkshake who comes to life & gets up to all sorts of bubbly mischief! 

Be prepared for the best kind of chaos as they finish the show with their ‘million bubble finale’ – the kids will go nuts! 

Book your tickets at

360 Allstars

REVIEW | 360 ALLSTARS ……..If anybody ever stopped you in the street and asked what should I take the kids to see at this years Fringe? 360 Allstars can still confidently be the knee jerk reaction to come out of your mouth. Selling out worldwide year after year proves this show continues to amp up the crowds and keep smiles on everyone’s faces, including ours.
Tell me after you’ve seen it that you didn’t just walk out with extra swagger in your step, shoulders popping and locking as you high five your kids to greet the performers waiting who sign autographs and t shirts after the show.
All star, world champion cast comprising of Freestyle MC, Percussion / Beats, Breakdancers, Flatland BMX, Basketballer & multi skilled acrobats cater for all tastes and disciplines. Don’t hesitate and hover on the Book Now page “Push the Button, Push the Red Button”
Five Stars!

VR Swings "Volo: Dreams of Flight"

REVIEW | On the Lawns of the Adelaide Museum Studio Go Go has installed a great introduction to the Virtual Reality experience. To celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo daVinci’s conceptual flying machines Volvo: Dreams of Flight takes your childhood playground swing and brings it into the modern age augmenting sight and sound with a VR Headset The hardest thing was trying to decide which of the 4 flight experiences to choose. Mr 12 thinks he chose best going with the ornithopter which perhaps was the most exhilarating flight? He said he felt totally in the moment. Mr 10 enjoyed his chute experience but wants to now try the others to see which really was the best! We love that there is a wheel chair friendly swing and that the tickets are just $10. It’s a great family option and you can make a city day trip out of it with a visit to the museum. There’s loads of options for parking near by and to sign off we wanted to let you know that we didn’t find the experience at all extreme or scary.


REVIEW | It is so hard to find the perfect show for the babies and toddler crowd, that when you find one that is incredible we feel the need to shout from the rooftops! Bubba-licious is a sensory filled 30 minute (the timing is spot on for the little ones…and parents whose 40yo backs struggle sitting cross legged on the floor!) show, packed with bubbles, bright lights and all the sparkly things to wow your babies. The production is really well done, with some rather simple techniques (shadow box was really fun) put to fabulous effect.

We took along an energetic 18 month old (he would not keep still in the lead up to the show), but once the lights went down he was spellbound. Be wary if you sit on the mat down near the front….you will get some bubble juice on you, but it is totally worth it to see the wonder on their squishy little baby faces. The vibe is totally parenting and baby friendly, there was no pressure here about babies making noise, refusing to sit still or if you need to duck off for a feed. We really appreciated the safe parenting space to sit and enjoy the show… the lovely, engaging performers we say THANK YOU! This will be a must see for the next few years and it is a must-see for the little crew.

2023 Adelaide Fringe Shows for Teens + Tweens

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2023 Adelaide Fringe Show us (adults)

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Family Friendly Fringe Venues



*UPDATED: Want more Gluttony 2022? Fringe may be over, but Gluttony are sticking around....yep, welcome Gluttony Encore'!! From this Wednesday 23 March until this Sunday 27 March 2022, Gluttony is presenting a curated program of shows in the Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent....

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Being a mum to two little girls, it has been so lovely watching them form a close bond with their grandparents. It fills me with such warmth to see my parents and in-laws enjoying activities with the girls, and the kids excitement every time they see them (even if...

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  • Donuts. Nobody hates a donut and if they do, they aren’t worth knowing anyway. Probably the most important food in our economy, shown by the fact that when referencing any country town the quality of the bakery is point number 1, and every bakery lives or dies by its donuts. Case closed. Donuts are King.

  • Kids are unpredictable - like many of the Fringe shows we've seen really. As much as I have fought it, I am ready to admit that I am at a stage in my life, with kids, where PLANNING is king. Attending events is no exception, so here is my guide to surviving a day at Adelaide Fringe with kids. Sort your transport or parking in advance. Weekends get particularly busy and opening night 15th Feb will also see some road closures around War Memorial Drive. Pre booking city car parks is about the smartest invention since the Rubik's Cube. Of course you can bus, train, tram, uber and taxi. Or ride a bike - but preferably a hipster bike - because FRINGE. For Wilson East End book here: There is over 1000 shows in the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Program Know where your show is. I recall my first Fringe. It wasn't that long ago and I made an assumption sillier than Mr Snotbottom him self, that it all happened in The Garden of Unearthly Delights. Nope. Fringe. Is. Huge. While the biggest hubs are in the East End of the CBD, venues are all over the place including some out in…

  • Adelaide Fringe is of course famous for it's performances, shows and art installations BUT it's also one such a great opportunity to get down to the city and try some new food flavours, some crazy treats or just a good old ice cream from one of the many many food trucks and vendors that set up for the month of Adelaide Fringe. It's actually one of our Fringe highlights so we thought this year we'd share our favourite food-y finds. Make sure to tag us in your FB and IG posts if you find something we need to try and add to this page!

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