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Magimix Cook Expert Review

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So a few months ago I was very kindly given a Magimix Cook Expert by the folks at Magimix to review. Now before you click away thinking that I’m going to get all “kitchen cult-y” about this new kitchen bling, I want you to know why I took three months to write this review, and why I like it so much.

First of all, if you know me personally, or have followed Kids in Adelaide for a while, you’ll know that “great” and “cook” are probably not two words you’d use when describing me. I’m not a bad cook, I’m just not a very inspired cook, so our weekly meals have previously been pretty standard fail safe recipes that are easy and I know are going to get eaten.

Since owning a Magimix I can honestly say that we have prepared and eaten meals that would have NEVER happened otherwise. Guys, we’ve had sous-vide chicken for dinner MORE THAN ONCE and MY HUSBAND made it!!!! I wanted to hold off writing this review until we’d had it for a while, and I could make sure it wasn’t a phase that we’d use for a few weeks, and then go back to our old dinners, but now after 3 months, I can tell you that we’ve been using it at least once a day.

Kids in Adelaide Magimix Review - Chicken

This friends, is chicken stuffed with homemade pesto and wrapped in prosciutto. Made by my husband in the Magimix Cook Expert. If you know my husband and how much he loathes cooking, you would know how incredible this photo really is.

And it’s not just new meals that we’re now confident to try, our old favourites like risotto and chilli con carne really are so easy to prepare and serve on those busy school nights where you just need to get the dinner job done! The 2 soup settings (creamy and pureed) have been getting a major workout and I’ve been hiding all sorts of veggies in my spaghetti bolognaise and sausage roll filling.

For my porridge loving daughter I’ve been getting up in the morning, throwing oats and water into the machine to cook for 10 minutes, getting her dressed and ready and then coming back to a beautiful bowl of porridge! Oh and the mashed potato! Oh the mashed potato is divine!!

The Magimix Cook Expert has 12 automatic programs soup, smoothie, bread dough, slice & grate and more. It comes with a 3.5 litre induction bowl for your cooking, three sizes of plastic bowl for food processing, a 2mm and 4mm blade for slicing and grating, 2 level steamer basket, spatulas, scales and a 300 recipe cookbook. I am now slicing, dicing, making, baking and blending with the best of them. No ok that’s not true, not with the “best” of them, but I am actually doing all of those things on a regular basis, I am creating and experimenting and trying new things when I cook and I’m really enjoying it!

Magimix Review from Kids in Adelaide

Just a few of the things I like about my Magimix and why it’s GREAT for busy Mums and Dads.

  • Not coming from an overly “masterchef” background, I love that we are now in the kitchen a lot more than before experimenting with all sorts of recipes and ingredients. We feel far more confident now to try new things and make up our own combos (soups, cookies, health balls etc) We’re using ingredients we’ve never used before and making our own breads and even butter to go with it! Imagine the all preservatives and other yucky stuff we’ve cut out!
  • It’s easy to use. The programs are pretty self explanatory and once you’ve had a few test runs you’ll quickly pick up what does what.
  • Great warranty! 30 year motor warranty! Yes you read that right THIRTY year motor warranty.
  • It cleans itself, and it actually does a really good job of cleaning itself. We’ve had all sorts of sauce, dough, meats and mixtures in there and the programmed self clean function does a great job of removing most if not all of the remnants. We always give it an extra hot soapy wash after every use, but honestly most of the time you could get away with just the self clean function.
  • It makes it really easy to follow a recipe exactly. I am a SHOCKER for guesstimating quantities which results in some unusual baked goods at times. Magimix comes with a set of quality scales that make measuring really easy and the induction heating system lets you set temperatures to 1 degree. You have to try pretty hard to get it wrong.
  • It’s a French company and therefore just naturally a bit oh la la! But seriously it’s really great quality. It’s solid and it’s heavy which I love and it doesn’t move an inch unlike my old nutribullet that would shake it’s bon bon half way across the bench by the time it had finished mixing a juice.
  • The main stainless bowl is BIG (3.5 litres). We’re only a family of 3 but I’ve cooked for 6 before using the Magimix and had no problem.
  • The food processor is a BEAST! True, I have never actually owned a food processor before, but boy can this thing slice a potato, grate some cheese and blitz some breadcrumbs.
  • It’s got a glass lid so you can see exactly what’s going on in there.
  • We are loving the steaming function. The steam basket and shelf make it REALLY easy to steam your chicken or fish at the same time as your veggies. This is where it truly becomes and all in one cooker and I just throw my meat and veggies in, set the timer and come back when it’s ready.
  • The metal bowl keeps things warm for ages. So if you get sidetracked with the kids you don’t need to worry about reheating.
  • It comes with a recipe book full of 300 recipes from simple dips and sauces right through to more complicated main courses. There is also a really great Facebook group that has given me lots of recipe ideas and answered my amateur cook questions, and now also an app for your phone with all the book recipes and more.

The Cons

  • Obviously the price is fairly ouchy on the old purse BUT you honestly can do away with your food processor, your nutri bullet, your slow cooker and your pressure cooker. This does the work of all of those things and takes up MUCH less space in your cupboard or benchtop.
  • This is a bit lame but the metal bowl doesn’t have a pouring lip so can get a bit messy transferring sauces to serving bowls as we found out the other night making pepper sauce. Or maybe I just need to practice my pouring technique a little more.

Other points

It’s not an “all in one bowl” situation. The Magimix has a seperate main metal bowl for your cooking and then a seperate food processor bowl. Thermie-peeps out there might argue that it’s therefore not as convenient, but I would love to see a head to head food processor challenge and see which machine wins. I just can’t see the Thermomix slicing, dicing and chopping as well as the dedicated food processor of the Magimix. The scales are also seperate and not built in like TM. Not sure this is a big deal but it does mean you need that little bit extra bench space.

It’s not small. When the box arrived my first thought was Shit! where am I going to fit this! But happy to now report that after 3 months of Magimix we really have packed away pretty much all of our other kitchen appliances, and now have Magimix corner!

And for those who like to know the specs

The Magimix Cook Expert retails for $2,099.

Magimix Cook Expert is available from Myer & DJs Rundle Mall & General Trader Marion.

Find a demo here

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  1. I’m really interested in the Cook Expert. It sounds excellent.
    One thing though that I see in every review, which makes me want to shout Oi, hold on a minute, is every single person repeats that the motor has a massive 30 year warranty.
    No it hasn’t. It has a 30 year OR 1000 hour warranty.
    If you were to use the Cook expert every day-maybe to make breakfast in the morning, slice vegies then cook a meal at night, then you could easily use it eg 300 hours a year. Your warranty would be up in 3 years.
    I would also like to know how they could prove you were over your 1000 hours.
    Okay, maybe I am picking at straws but they should either give the motor a 30 year warranty or else increase the hours to 10,000.
    Rant over. LOL

    • Roxy

      Hi Cheryl. I actually asked the Magimix peeps about this myself. The 1000 hours is MOTOR use, not TOTAL use. For example it takes about 30 minutes to make a batch of soup, but the motor only runs for ONE of those minutes. This means that 1,000 hours of motor use correspond to 60,000 batches (or 150,000 litres!) of soup, that’s about 13 litres a day for 30 years!!
      And there is a setting which shows the cycles that’s how they can tell the 1000 hours is up.

  2. Thanks Roxy.
    One question. I have a friend who is gluten intolerant and is interested in either a thermomix or a cook expert but wants one that will make different types of flours. She would prefer to make smallish batches at a time, if possible.
    Did you find both machines were good at finely milling flour or did one have an edge?
    She is wondering because she has heard the motor on the Cook expert is not as strong so wondered if a thermie might be better for that but can’t find anyone who has actually used both for milling flour and can comment.

    On the other hand, she likes the all steel components of the Cook expert (as I must admit I do too)so we’re keen to see it in action.

    • Roxy

      Hi Cheryl
      I am definitely not a Magimix expert, but I am definitely a fan. I’d be surprised if the motor wasn’t at least AS strong as it powering through everything I have tried so far. I’ve seen it turn rice into powder so I would say that any type of flour/powder wouldn’t be a problem. I haven’t tried a TM though, so couldn’t tell you the comparison.
      I’d suggest you go to a demo and ask one of the consultants OR click the link in my post to join the Magimix Facebook group and ask all of your questions there.
      Please let me know if you end up buying one, I’d love to share recipes!


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