Grab the hot glue gun, make sure your paints are restocked and have the dustpan on hand for the glitter – soon you’ll be able to tune into ‘Making It Australia’ on Channel 10 and we are pretty sure that kids all over the country are about to be hit with some crafty inspo.

We’ve seen reality shows for cooking, singing, renovating and dating – but ‘Making It Australia’ is all about getting creative with your hands and it looks to be perfect family viewing. The promo below is a kaleidoscope of colour, fabrics, textures, lights and “bonkers” (their words, not ours!) craft and building projects.

Hosts Susie Youseff and Harley Breen will join Judges Benja Harney and Deborah Riley to guide contestants through what Channel 10 are describing as “a global phenomenon where the only limit is your imagination.” The show features everything from welding, costume design, building, sewing and art in all forms – bring on the Rebel Barbie Palace and Chicken Spaceship (say what?!).

‘Making It Australia’ premieres on Channel 10 on Wednesday 15th September at 7:30pm. Grab the popcorn and fire up the Janome, you’re in for a treat!

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