Children’s artistic development follows a predictable sequence, especially when it comes to creating lines and marks on a page. From 18 months of age to 4 years, children begin to draw random scribbles. These become more controlled and move into circular scribbles, and then eventually form a circle. From 4 to 7 years, the circle becomes extended with lines and other shapes and becomes ‘me’, or everything around the child, which tells their story.

Making marks and creating lines can be heaps of fun for children to do, if we start thinking about it differently. A piece of art can even be created that you could proudly hang on the wall due to its abstract elements and perfect sense of design.

Here’s how….

I used an A3 piece of card in this demonstration BUT suggest you go to an art store (Art to Art, Premier Art Supplies or Eckersleys) and pick up a piece of pre-painted canvas. I have used black in the past and it looks AMAZING with fluorescent colours on it. A full metre will cost you approximately $30, which means you could make heaps as presents for your loved ones!

Grab a selection of bright acrylic colours of any quality and a variety of your child’s favourite toys and balls. Don’t forget that they will get covered in paint, as will your little one, so wear a smock or old clothes.

Splatter on the paint – do one colour at a time so that you can layer it.

Roll, drive, push, pull or press the toys through the paint, spreading the lovely colours all over your canvas or card. I like to finish the image with a darker colour as the last layer, as that creates an interesting final detail.

Your final image will be an abstract, colourful collection of lines and marks created with zest and passion by your little one. Enjoy!