Foxy Faves

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Mem Fox books, as I’m sure many of you are. With such beautiful rhythm and pace to the text it’s hard not to enjoy reading her books to children. The content is always full of teaching points, but, more importantly, her books make reading FUN. What I like about Mem Fox’s books is that they can be read to a variety of ages, with different things being noticed each time.12180199_10153269070438741_648314660_n

I’m not sure which book I like best. Elka loves us to read Where is the Green Sheep? This is also one of my husband’s favourites as it’s not too long, not too short and comes as a board book- so there’s no risk of pages being torn! It also has great rhyme, making it easy for young children to follow and learn the words to.


Baby Bedtime is a beautiful book, which has just been released in a “baby edition” board book version too. The illustrations by Emma Quay are just divine, matching the calm, lilting language of the book perfectly. This is an ideal book to read before bed (the title of the book may have given that away!).


Another book we adore in our house is Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes. Illustrator Helen Oxenbury captures the little faces, hands and feet of babies in delicate detail, complementing the storyline wonderfully. This is another book younger children love to read and memorise.

Whether it’s about toes, fingers, sheep or bedtime, Mem has a great collection to choose from. Slightly longer books include reading about determination, persistence and a mother’s love in Koala Lou or the magic of living in the Australian bush in Possum Magic. Both of these books are delightfully written and the illustrations, particularly by Julie Vivas in Possum Magic, are, once again, beautiful.


My personal favourite Mem Fox book has got to be Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge. I can’t go past this one when I think Elka is going to sit still for long enough to enjoy a longer story. The illustrations, by the talented Julie Vivas, bring such life to the characters, and the narrative is so different to other children’s books. It’s carefully woven text is laid out perfectly on each page. The story of a young boy named Wilfred Gordon showing kindness and imagination in his search to help Mrs Nancy regain her memory is just lovely.

Two recent additions to our book shelves are This and That and Whoever You Are. Both books have great pace and rhyming structure, with This and That moving quickly and almost in a sing-song manner.

I have been really enjoying reading Whoever You Are for it’s message about acceptance, love and diversity. But really, the main message of the book is similarity. This book is a particularly good read for junior primary aged children, as the message is an important one for kids to understand (well- actually, maybe we should read it to more adults!!!).

Whatever it is, Mem’s books are definitely ones you need in your home library and these are just a few that we are lucky enough to read frequently. We would love to hear what you have been reading lately or some of your Mem Fox favourites.