We recently had the opportunity to visit Morella Farmstay at Cape Jervis. The family-run business was such a wonderful place to visit with our daughters. It took us about 1hr 15 minutes to get there, and the drive is easy- straight down Main South Road, stopping just before you get to Cape Jervis. Owners George and Helen met us at the house and ran us through how things worked. To be honest, I was worried the animals would all be eaten by foxes if I was left in charge, so I was relieved that it was so straight forward.

George and Helen, along with their friends, Melissa and Michael, purchased the property less than a year ago and have already done so much to create a wonderful family getaway. They have lots of plans to continue improving the house and property, but it is a comfortable place to visit already.

Paddocks to explore, sheep to wave to

Some of the things we loved about our stay were:

The beautiful surroundings! The property is stunning, set on 100 acres of fenced paddocks. There are rolling hills, a small dam, a little creek with perfect little waterfalls for children to float leaf boats down.

We went for lots of walks around the property but it’s worth noting that some areas are pretty steep so be prepared to carry youngsters back up any hill you may go down! Our children enjoyed plonking pebbles into the dam, stomping on the edge of the small creek and investigating the sheep bones and rocks scattering part of the farm. Although there are lots of animals on the farm, there are also plenty of places to explore where there are no animals (well, not the farm type!). The house also has a trampoline, swing set (swing, dual swing, slippery dip) and a tyre swing.

We enjoyed the comfortable lodgings, with warm fireplace and split cycle air con to keep the main living area cosy. There was plenty of firewood and we were kind of pleased we forgot marshmallows as we probably would’ve eaten A LOT of them! We believe the owners are getting oil heaters for the bedrooms as it was a bit brisk stepping out of the warmth of the living area into the Master Suite! The home includes three bedrooms in the main house. Two of these bedrooms have queen beds and the other bedroom has 3 bunk beds. In the large (huge!) lounge area(s), there are 2 TVs, plus loads of sofas that are all sofa beds. There is also a separate lodging next to the house with 2 single beds. Plenty of room for 2-3 or more families! A cot and high chair are also provided, plus a laundry and large kitchen. For more information about accommodation and pricing, head to the website.

The proximity to Kangaroo Island is certainly worth mentioning as this would be an ideal place to stay before/after a visit to KI. The ferry is about 3km from the house. Other great locations we visited were the Ingalalla Waterfalls, Normanville, Victor Harbor and Port Elliot.

Our daughters ADORED the friendly animals- who we probably fed a bit too much! Being young, our children still get a bit intimidated by animals as most are bigger than them, but the gorgeously fluffy goats Millie and Lily, the newborn twin kids, and the hilariously rotund ‘Shawn the Sheep’ were all enclosed in a large pen. Alpacas, a springy deer, ducks and other goats were also in the pen. We did a lot of feeding through the fence, but once our eldest was more confident she went into the enclosure with my husband and loved it! The animals are very safe and calm and entering/exiting the pen was easy with 2 gates.

Another part of the property has sheep, who had lots of lambs when we were there. There was also a large area with goats, and, wow, goats do make the funniest bleating sound! Our kids could not stop laughing! We feed these animals too and watching them eat reminded me of our own meal times with two little ones!

Bryan (the sheep) was one of our kids favourites. He would always come to the fence hoping for food and we had to say good night to him every night ESPECIALLY. #teambryan

Feeding the animals was easy with the farm providing bags of food for the children to feed the animals with. Hay bales in the shed and a bag of left over fruit in the fridge were also supplied, so the animals certainly didn’t go hungry!

Things we’d recommend:

  • Take gumboots and a warm jacket in winter months
  • Ingalalla Waterfalls for a picnic, or short hike (approx. 100m from carpark to waterfall)
  • Cape Jervis to watch the ferry take off/dock
  • Deep Creek Conservation Park for hiking (probably better for older children, we didn’t do this with our little ones)
  • Driving to Normanville/Yankalilla for a walk around the town and beaches
  • Exploring the property and settling in for a picnic by the dam
  • Driving up the the wind turbines and seeing just how HUGE they really are!
  • Going to Victor Harbor to watch a movie if the weather is a bit wet!
  • Eating lunch at Port Elliot. We had a great meal with the kids at Hotel Elliot and the children found $1 books at a nearby brick-a-brack store
  • Heading over to Kangaroo Island (this is our plan for next time!)
  • Fishing (we are not fisherpeople but apparently there are lots of good spots to find fish nearby!)
  • In warmer months, enjoying swimming at Morgans Beach.

If you’re interested in doing a farm stay, this would be a great one to try. It’s so close to Adelaide, and everything you need is there. We loved our stay and, even though it was the middle of winter, we were out and about in the crisp weather under blue skies enjoying it all!


9168 Main South Road, Cape Jervis
Email: holiday@morellafarm.com.au
Phone: 0404 472 318
Facebook: facebook.com/morellafarmstay