Are you sick of sticky labels peeling off your kids drink bottles, or unsure how to go about labelling things like dummies for childcare? Well check out Name My Stuff!

I recently got my hands on a Contigo drink bottle for Winnie, and not only do I love the look and function of the actual bottle (as you may have noticed from my other posts I have a bit of a weird drink bottle fetish), it’s neatly marked with her name permanently on the top, and no matter how much you sterilise and wash, it WILL NOT come off! The bottle itself has a neat pop up straw (a novelty in itself which kept Winnie busy for a very nice few minutes on a plane the other day!) it doesn’t leak, fine in dishwasher and its BPA-free! Tick, tick, tick, tick!

Name my stuff are the first and only company in Australia to permanently mark/personalise baby dummies that comply with Australian Safety Standards and also the only company to permanenently mark/personalise Sistema, Contigo, Mixie and Sili Squeeze products.

Check out their website for personalised lunch boxes, drink bottles, goggles, dummies and heaps more (not just kids stuff either) Prices start from only $5.95 and you can pick up some great bargains in their sale section and also with their value packs.


Name my Stuff Website

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