National Science Week 2016 runs from August 13th-21st this year and will be a focus at schools around Australia. But it’s also a great opportunity for you to try some innovative experiments at home- and you will probably find all the materials you need right in your pantry!

When? August 13th-21st

Theme: Drones, Droids and Robots

“…In 2016 we will embrace the ‘Technology’ in STEM, in particular autonomous technology, with the National Science Week school theme Drones, Droids and Robots.

The theme will centre on the real-world application of autonomous technologies in areas including agriculture, mining, manufacturing, medicine and space and deep ocean exploration. Of course, we will also look at how this technology has transformed our day-to-day lives – from robot vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers to automated pool cleaners….”

There are lots of ways to get involved, but if you’re looking for some cool experiments to do at home then these websites/resources are worth a look…

Fun experiments for home:

Simple Heat Experiment

Psylli Snot

Food Dye Colour Wheel (this one is LOTS of fun and so easy)

There are lots of experiments and fun videos over on the National Science Week Facebook page (best for middle/upper primary aged children)

Exploding Lunch Bag

Invisible Ink

CSIRO has lots of great experiments you can try too!

For more information on National Science Week head to the website:

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