I am a brunch tragic. Given I now get tired at about 9pm, going out for dinner is sometimes exhausting so my new favourite meal is a nice cooked brunch. A quick search didn’t take long to find a relatively new spot at Wallaroo that has some fantastic buzz and terrific reviews. When we pulled up the first thing that hit you is the stunning views. Unlike other beach front spots in the city, North Beach Kitchen isn’t swamped with a billion other businesses and a bucket load of people. What this means is it feels like you get this enormous beach to yourself, while you sit on the balcony deck enjoying your coffee and brunch.

As someone who has a tendency to overreact if my poached eggs aren’t cooked to perfection (why does it make me so angry if they aren’t runny. It really shouldn’t matter!), I get a tad nervous sometimes trying out new brunch places and kind of stick to my usual haunts. Thankfully, my angry food hulk was kept at bay because the food was amazing. Not just mine, an amazing local crab and scrambled egg on sour dough combo, but the kids meals were out of this world. This is one of those ‘picture tells a thousand words’ moments, but the kids had the unicorn pancakes which although probably at the pointy end of the food pyramid, for a kids brunch treat they were incredible. Think pancakes, ice cream, 100s and 1000s and a waffle cone for a unicorn horn and you are somewhat on the right track.

Wash that down with a seriously good coffee (again I am a coffee snob so was a tad nervous) and a great mix of juices and shakes. What else could you want to start your day on the Copper Coast!

Oh I almost forgot! Backing onto the property is a nice little playground for the kids to run off that Unicorn Pancake energy. The back deck of the kitchen (if the weather is a bit windy for the beachfront) sits right on the playground, giving it yet another huge tick in the box for the family brunch loving crowd.

1 Pamir Crt Wallaroo
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