Do Not Open This Book – By Andy Lee



Whatever you do.. Do NOT open this Book!!!!!


The Facebook post above pretty much sums up why this great new children’s book by one half of the Hamish and Andy team, Andy Lee works.

Put the words DO NOT in front of anything and my 4 year old is chomping at the bit to DO whatever that may be!

Andy wrote this book as a present for his sister and nephew George. It was never intended to be published and only 1 copy was meant to be printed, but luckily for us it was decided that this book was too good not to share.

The main character in the book will try anything and everything to convince readers NOT to turn the next page. Bribery, threats, the silent treatment, reverse psychology, he’s desperate for us to stop reading, and of course that just makes for even more reason to turn that page.

“I’m telling you as a friend that you definitely don’t want to see what’s on the next page. A young boy saw it once and his hair turned white with fear. Whatever you do, please don’t turn the page”

The illustrations are really great, and done by Melbourne based illustrator Heath Mckenzie who has a really unique style. He’s got a few books to his name now which I found here, and will be checking out next.



Published by Lake Press, Do Not Open This Book is now available in book stores and online here[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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