Swim with HUGE tuna at Oceanic Victor! What a thrill!
We recently had the chance to visit this truly unique experience and it was such an exciting day.
After a very short boat ride (5 mins max) from Granite Island you’re fitted out with a nice thick warm wetsuit, snorkel gear and gloves and straight into the water to swim with the “Ferraris of the ocean” the Southern Bluefin Tuna!

The guides are marine biologists and I was really impressed with their knowledge and willingness to answer EVERY question my daughter threw at them

“What’s the biggest tuna?”
“How do seastars swim?”
“How many bones does a tuna have?” ????

If you don’t want to swim there are other opportunities to stay aboard and feed the fish, venture below the water in the under water viewing platform. You’ll even get chance to hold a shark!

Miss 6 was a bit nervous to start with but the guides were so great making her laugh and feel comfortable she was in the water in no time. She LOVED it! (Mum and Dad did too)

It’s a really great family memory and a chance to do something you won’t find anywhere else in Australia.