If I had to name 3 toys I remember playing with as a kid they would be

  1. My cabbage patch kid with custom build wardrobe made by my Pop
  2. My pound puppy
  3. These plastic tubes and connectors that we have for YEARS AND YEARS and use for all sorts of things from building cubbies to making hurdles to practice for Little Athletics.  I remember playing with this stuff ALL. THE.TIME! I googled and googled all sorts of names and descriptions to try and find it for my daughter but it wasn’t until recently that I finally found it online. It’s called QUADRO and we have some and it’s once again being used ALL. THE. TIME! No word of a lie, my 5 year old was out in the garden just this morning at 6:30am making this “cafe” to make me my morning chino.

QUADRO is construction based play equipment. It’s like life size Lego. You can design, create and build all sorts of things from cubbies, to climbing frames, obstacles to jump over, tunnels to climb through. You can even add wheels, add a slide or even add a POOL!

QUADRO is sold it kit form with prices ranging from the My First QUADRO $129.99 right up to the Universal QUADRO (the kit that we have) for $499.99.
Now before you flip at the price, remember I told you that I had this when I was a kid. Well I had it from about the age of 5 until I started high school, and even then it got given away NOT thrown away because it was broken. How often can you say that about any toy these days. It’s also comes with a three year guarantee!

QUADRO and miniQUADRO are available exclusively through the brand new QUADRO Australia website here  (formerly Creative Kids Play).

These are all the pieces that come with the QUADRO Universal Kit ($499.99)

If you read my Facebook post from last year you’ll see it’s not just me who will attest to the fantastic quality of this product. Other people remember owning and playing with this for many many years. One lady named Claire commented

I got this for my 6th Christmas present, I’m 40 in Dec! I only got rid of it last year! I still have a little mini version my kids play with! My brothers, sisters and friends had brilliant times building with Quadro in Scotland!!”

This is an investment toy. It’s not something you’ll buy this Christmas and by Easter it’s been forgotten about because what I love most about this product is that it will grow with your child. From about the age of 3 right up into primary school kids can design, create and build their own creations. They might need some help from Mum and Dad while they’re younger, but my 5 year old has now very confidently got the knack of joining her tubes together and then screwing them in place with the very easy to use plastic screws and special tool. It’s an easy half turn in either direction and it’s in place.

Building with friends. Working together to build a racing car on this one. Winnie is joining to tubes with a connector and then screwing it in place.

And if you’re kids are really into inventing and designing it’s well worth adding a miniQUADRO kit to your order. miniQUADRO is exactly that, an exact miniature version of QUADRO (1:5 scale) and is available in 4 kit sizes. Kids can build their creations in small scale first and when it’s ready to go recreate it in large scale. So far we’ve built a windmill, a spaceship, table and chairs and even Moana’s boat starting small and then moving to full size. Winnie has even started a book full of potential QUADRO building ideas!

Using miniQUADRO to get our design right before making it in full size. Winnie is building Moana’s boat on the left and a rocket and table and chair on the right.

Why we’re loving QUADRO

  1. It’s really great quality. The parts are extremely strong, impact absorbing, non-flammable, non-toxic and designed to provide many years of play without breaking, cracking or warping when used and stored properly. It also comes with a three year guarantee.
  2. You can buy extra bits, without having to buy a whole kit. If you loose a piece or decide you need a few more you can easily order single connectors, tubes and screws from the QUADRO website for just a few bucks. 
  3. You can start small and add on. There is a fantastic range of add ons available. So you’ll have birthday and Christmas gift ideas organised for ages! Add a slide, add a steering wheel, add some curved tubes, a mobile kit for building cars, trucks & planes, fabric roof, ball cage, you can even add a pool! We love our QUADRO so much that we recently added the modular slide to our kit and it’s added a whole new set of fun for the kids to play on and new models to make with the addition. The slide can be used as is, or connected to water to become an awesome waterslide!! We can’t wait for the weather to heat up so we can use it as a waterslide more often.
  4. You can use it indoors or outdoors – All you need is a solid level surface.
  5. It’s a great way to get the whole family involved – it’s not just fun for kids. Dad’s, Mum’s, older siblings can all work together to make something as a team. Pretty satisfying!
  6. You can buy it online – Check out the QUARDO Australia website for all of the technical information, FAQs and to buy online.
  7. It’s a learning toy……..but the kids won’t know that. If you want a toy to spark imagination and get the creative juices pumping – I’m telling you this is it! It’s design, it’s engineering, it’s imagination, it’s teamwork, it’s problem solving, it’s communication, it’s motor skills but most of all it’s just really FUN!
  8. It’s easy to use. After just a few lessons on how it all works my 5 year old is having no problems building on her own but needs some help from Mum or Dad when we tackle one of the designs from the manual.
Very happy with her shop

I also want anyone reading this post to know that even though our kit was gifted to us for the purpose of this review, it was actually me who approached QUADRO. I knew my daughter would love this as much as I did as a kid, and so far I am completely right. We’ve had it for over a year now and she’s played with it constantly. Whether it’s outside with her friends inventing and building together, or with her Dad (and me) building from the instruction manual or quiet time in her room working out her next project with Mini QUADRO I cannot recommend this product enough. We have added a few additional parts including the modular slide/waterslide and the rest of the Kids in Adelaide team are now getting onboard with QUADRO too and Julie recently got her own family the QUADRO Basic set that includes wheels so her family have been making heaps of new models including cars and planes – see their review here.

If you’re looking for a Christmas present for the kid who loves to build, or the kid who loves to climb, or the kid who loves to invent or the kid who has everything – this is it!

QUADRO and miniQUADRO are available exclusively through the brand new QUADRO Australia website here  (formerly Creative Kids Play).

For more info, or to see loads of other cool things you can do with QUADRO check out the QUADRO Australia links here to their Website, Facebook or Instagram.

I received a QUADRO Universal and miniQUADRO for the purposes of this review however as for all reviews from Kids in Adelaide the above is honest and in my own words

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