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Welcome to a new open thread we like to call “Questionable Pages from Childrens Books”
Over the space of just ONE weekend, we found some absolutely hilarious (sometimes disturbing) pages from the books we’ve been reading to our little ones.
We just couldn’t resist sharing.

We’d love to see or hear about the ones you find. I’m sure they are out there everywhere.
(or maybe it’s just because we are all a little bit sleep deprived here???)

Let us know if you think they’re funny too..

I wish my husband gave me money for clapping?

I wish my husband gave me money for clapping?

Mr Tall.......what is going on here?

Mr Tall…….what is going on here?

This is not a joke. An actual book available from

This is not a joke. An actual book available from

tattoos book

How about it’s the thought that counts, rude woman with tattoos?

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  • So, each day I aim to read Elka a few stories from her little books. Please note that this is an aim, which means it doesn't always happen! My mum and dad have given Elka quite a few books, as have friends and family. There are some really cool books out there, most of my favourites being Mem Fox titles. I do really like one my mum gave Elka too though, it's called 'Goodnight Little One' by Margaret Wise Brown and has the most adorable illustrations. Elka seems to love it. There are also some rather interesting books. One in particular, is a collection of stories called Peter Rabbit Bedtime Tales by Beatrix Potter and it has some, well, frankly hilarious language in it. I've had to spend a significant amount of time explaining some of the meanings of words to little Elka! Ha! Check out the images for the examples I’m talking about.   So, although Elka is only 7 weeks old now, she should now know the meaning of hospitable, savoury, lard, commence, tedious, implored and exert! I'm even thinking of starting a vocabulary wall to keep her up to date with the language in some of the…

  • Foxy Faves It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Mem Fox books, as I'm sure many of you are. With such beautiful rhythm and pace to the text it's hard not to enjoy reading her books to children. The content is always full of teaching points, but, more importantly, her books make reading FUN. What I like about Mem Fox's books is that they can be read to a variety of ages, with different things being noticed each time. I'm not sure which book I like best. Elka loves us to read Where is the Green Sheep? This is also one of my husband's favourites as it's not too long, not too short and comes as a board book- so there's no risk of pages being torn! It also has great rhyme, making it easy for young children to follow and learn the words to. Baby Bedtime is a beautiful book, which has just been released in a "baby edition" board book version too. The illustrations by Emma Quay are just divine, matching the calm, lilting language of the book perfectly. This is an ideal book to read before bed (the title of the book may have given…

  • Council libraries have long provided critical community hubs for families. South Australians are lucky to have access to a generous network of more than 140 local libraries, that support connections and learning in all our diverse communities.  While libraries have always provided valuable services to children and families, the range of offerings and activities available has changed and expanded significantly over time. Regardless of age, interest or background, these days everyone can find something new to discover at their local library. Many people will have fond memories of visiting their local library as a child, and being captivated by a Storytime session or exhilarated by the chance to take home a borrowed toy.  These experiences, along with access to a wide range of literacy materials, are recognized as absolutely essential for children’s early growth and development.  Library programs are also treasured by many families for the free entertainment options they provide for children, including art and craft and nature play sessions, often as part of school holiday programs.  Families can combine a trip to their library for some new books and toys with a play on the playground and an ice cream from the local café – a fantastic way to get…

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