So my big 5 year old started school this year. Big step! We’ve had a little bit of ALL the emotions in the last couple of weeks. A whole lot of excitement, a few tears and a number of tired and grumpy afternoons after a big day at school.

I’m new to this school caper so the below is probably very old news for anyone with children already at school…..nonetheless  I am also learning a few school lessons that I thought I’d share with you. Any new school parents out there relate?

The questions “how was school today” and “what did you do at school today” are not worth asking and almost always answered with either “nothing” or “I can’t remember”
Just completely remove those questions from your vocab because apparently the 6 hours spent at school is a whole lot of doing absolutely nothing.

Instead I’ve started asking more specific questions like “who did you go partners with today” “what happened today that was funny” and “did anyone else have something yummy in their lunchbox that you’d like to try?” That last one is a sneaky attempt to try and get a few more ideas on how to fill hers!

Uniforms are quite possibly THE BEST THING to happen since I became a Mum.
No more arguments about what she’s wearing today, why can’t I wear my expensive Christmas dress to kindy, I need to change my shoes AGAIN just as we’re walking out the door.

Oh you don’t want to wear your school socks? No worries that’s fine my darling, take it up with Mr B at lunchtime and see what he says.

I’m am not a lunchbox warrior.
I am over it already. 2 weeks in and I’m very uninspired. But so far everything is coming home eaten so this situation could, and possibly will get worse over time. I feel like all the parents are secretly waiting for that one person in the class to go first with a tuckshop order… then we can all go for it without feeling like we were the ones who caved first.

I am also not the Mum to ask about school related events, deadlines, due dates.
One of my new school Mum friends text me the week before school started and asked me what time the bell went to start school. I replied. Hi Liz! I am really sorry but I am DEFINITELY NOT the go to Mum for questions like this. I don’t know the answer but I feel great knowing that you don’t know the answer either. I will text one of my “go to” Mum friends and ask her and let you know. ps – we haven’t been late ONCE so far. (small round of applause if you don’t mind)

They age INSTANTLY. The minute they step inside those school gates they are twice as old as what they were yesterday.
Kisses become a bit embarrassing and we have already learned about the middle finger, Minecraft and poo is THE funniest word in the English language.

She’s loving it!
Yep it was a bit scary, and a bit sad and all a bit overwhelming but it’s also GREAT! But she was ready, I was ready, WE were ready for this next step and there is no better place for her to be right now than with her great teacher Miss Donna, learning new things, meeting new friends and having a lot of fun!