SciWorld birthday parties are the perfect way to make your future scientist’s special day! We have a range of exciting hands-on activities for the kids, who can get creative making their own marvellous lava lamps, or just plain messy making  slime!

Your child and all their friends will look the part, dressed up in perfect child-sized lab coats, as they experience all the wonders of being a scientist. Not only is a SciWorld birthday party loads of fun, it is also educational, because our team of trained presenters come from a range of scientific backgrounds.

And don’t let the messy business scare you! We set up before and clean up after the birthday activities, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the day with your child.

SciWorld is a not-for-profit STEM incursion organisation whose goals include spreading awareness of science and technology and promoting an interest in all areas of STEM. Our team includes paid presenters and volunteers, all of whom are passionate about science and are keen to spread this passion across South Australia.

We have been operating since 2007 following the closure of Adelaide’s Investigator Science and Technology Centre (ISTC). After acquiring some of the assets from ISTC, SciWorld was created, with the mission to provide interactive science education to the South Australian community. We believe that science is an important part of our lives and people’s natural curiosity in science should be fostered. We travel widely within South Australia, to schools, community centres and libraries, bringing our science shows, workshops, and of course, our famous StarLab planetarium.

Phone: 08 7006 5874

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