SEMAS Abacus Maths

SEMAS Abacus Maths

What is SEMAS and how does it work?

SEMAS is a program designed to develop the right side of the brain using the abacus as a tool. Our aim is to accomplish whole brain development; it’s much more than a Mathematics course! The SEMAS classroom includes learners as young as three years old. The method is also sensitive to the fact that very young learners respond best to short periods of intensive activity.SEMAS develops fast mental calculations and is also associated with creativity, memory and imagination. SEMAS students are able to draw upon the right-brain, which increases speed and accuracy. To do this, students learn how to visualise the abacus in their memory, which is why calculations are able to be made more quickly. In other words, SEMAS enables the children to ”see” Maths. And, despite the use of an abacus, it is most definitely not senseless repetition. SEMAS improves a wide range of skills that are needed in many areas. These include comprehension, concentration, listenting, creativity and problem solving. Ultimately, SEMAS fosters a love of Mathematics in children and boosts self-confidence!

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