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We have recently been spending some time seeking out the best experiences and places for some ‘Mum’s Time Out’ – a little feature we are currently working on here at Kids in Adelaide. On more than one occasion, Shebah has been our preferred method of transport when we have managed to get that rare girls night out with our girlfriends or a bit of Mum’s Time Out. Fair to say we are hooked. Perfect for peace of mind that you will get home safely and comfortably, and a great option to help with family logistics. Maybe you can’t be in two places at once – maybe you just need one of those tricky trips to the airport that require child or baby seats. These guys (girls actually) have you covered!

Taking Shebah to Gin School – Mums Day Out!

Shebah’s purpose is quite simply along the lines of wanting the world to feel safe for women and their children. They are Australia’s first and only all-women driver rideshare service, getting women and children where they need to go, Australia wide. [Yep – they will take Dad too if you are travelling as a family – more on that below.]

Ever felt vulnerable or unsafe in a taxi or uber? Ever wondered how to get your kids to the airport safely because they need [properly fitted] *clean* car seats? Are you a busy family that need help with school pick up’s, drop off or even maybe just a trusted transport option to help assist with family logistics for tweens/teens from time to time? Shebah has rolled into Adelaide and can help!

From our experience [and yep we have taken more than a few rides now] the cars are exceptionally clean and comfortable and full of thoughtful little touches. They have phone chargers, a magazine or two to flip through, a kids soft toy or novelty [to be left in the vehicle] and of course bottled water. I have also been offered a mint on all of my rides [not sure if that’s standard or if it’s my killer coffee breath? eeeekkk]

We love that Sheba work with female charities to further support community mindedness and encourage the empowerment of women.


To ride in a Shebah, you need to download the Shebah Rider App and enter your details. You can access the App through the App Store (iOS) or through Google Play (Android).

We think the pricing is pretty great. Initially a ride to the airport seemed about $3 more expensive for me personally. A cost I was more than prepared to pay for what has repeatedly been a superior service. I recently learnt that Shebah do not surcharge peak periods. Honestly, I am streets ahead. You can read more about how your fare is calculated on the Shebah website.

Did you know Shebah drivers all have police clearances, including working with children?

Did you know Sheba can legally transport your child with out you – you just never know some times that need does arise!

You can pre book a Shebah and we recommend pre- booking the child seats that you might be needing too.

If sending kids on their own from point A to point B, Shebah drivers must receive instructions from the parent or legal guardian to drive kids/tweens/teens. The account holder (an adult) can make the booking on behalf of their child and be available and in contact with the driver.
If your child has a smart phone, you can share your account with them by downloading the app on their phone and using your login.
In both these scenarios, you can watch on your app as the ride takes place.

Need child seats? No worries!

So we have talked a lot about women and children, how do boys and men fit in you ask? Here are three scenarios in which boys and men can use Shebah Rideshare:

1. Boys under 18 can travel unaccompanied in the following contexts

– Primary aged boys up to the age of 12 can travel any time– Boys 13 and over, but under 18, can travel unaccompanied until to 5pm.

2. Boys under 18 can travel any time if accompanied by their mother or a female guardian.

3. A man can travel with a baby in need of a baby seat, or child in need of a booster seat (4–8 years old).

Additionally, Shebah respectfully requires adult male passengers who accompany adult females to ride in the backseat. Our women passengers ride shotgun. [We love this it makes us smile].

One last thing that we love love love is that often (not always) Sheba drivers are Mums. Sheba seem to work pretty damn hard to create flexible work options for women and we think that’s bloody tops!

Give Shebah Adelaide a follow on Facebook today and get the app on your phone now, so as when the need arises for a safe, clean and reliable transport option for you or your kids you have it at your fingertips.

*Kids in Adelaide were not paid by Shebah to write this content, several of our team use this paid service, because it is good. We were provided one free trip.

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