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Good is the New Bad is showing in Gluttony and features some very talented Adelaide kids.
If you like dancing then this show is for you, with various styles and highly energetic dance performances on show. The choreography and dancing is outstanding with our favourite part being a unique Annie and Matilda mashup featuring well-known songs from both of those musicals.
There is also an appearance by a fantastically freaky Pennywise, who plays the part extremely well. The characters don’t all use their usual fairy tale and villain names, so that makes the story a little hard to follow, especially at the start. Be aware that some darker themes are touched on, given the villains are all in the asylum for various villainous reasons. However it’s not particularly scary, although there are some sudden loud noises and flashing lights. Also, the conservatives amongst you might consider some of the moves to be slightly raunchy for younger ones. We recommend for ages 9 – 14.

“Good is the New Bad” is a high energy, fast paced Musical featuring some of the most talented children you will meet!

Set in an asylum for the “Criminally Insane”, long time inmates such as Harley Quinn, Maleficent, Cruella De Vil, Ursula, the Joker and many more have taken over the asylum and are demanding “all prior charges against them be dropped” or the prison staff will continue to be held hostage and fed prison gruel until their innards dissolve.

It follows Warden Fletcher, Jenni Sniff the reporter, and Bad Girl, a former villain turned good, as they try to overpower the inmates one by one and get order back into civilisation!

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting family show to see this fringe season, “Good Is the New Bad”, presented by Star Academy, is definitely one to see!

Shows on Feb 15, Feb 16, Feb 22, Feb 23, Feb 29 and March 1st. 12:45pm
Empire Tent – GLUTTONY!