Kids Pizza made easy recipe by Cook n Create

Kids in the kitchen? Some of us love it, some of not so much! But teaching kids to enjoy cooking and eating a range of delicious and healthy Meals is important and starting early helps. This super easy pizza recipe from the awesome Adelaide-based folks at Cook n Create will have you and the kids coming back for more. Toppings are completely up to you and your children so experiment a bit and have fun while at it (ps – Nutella and banana...

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Rocky Road Recipe by Cook n Create

Need a recipe your kiddos will LOVE making? One that they can get fully immersed in and creative with? The awesome Adelaide-based folks at Cook n Create have one of our favorites here for you! We road tested (see what we did there?) the recipe for you and can confirm it’s a great one and would make a fab Christmas gift for teachers and friends. What you will need (This is the full recipe but if you want to make less, you can simply half...

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Homemade rollups with 100% fruit!

Follow these easy steps to make your own homemade rollups from 100% fruit! The recipe is super simple and a great way to use up extra fruit you have leftover, or if you’ve been fruit picking and need ideas for your haul. What you need. 3 cups of fruit. I used frozen mango I had in the freezer but you could experiment with mixed berries, apricots, necatrines, pears, apples or anything really. Let us know which combos work best. Add a...

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Cacao Banana Cake

CACAO BANANA CAKE  This Cacao Banana Cake is healthy, easy baking. A nice little recipe for after school. Yum! Prep: 15 mins Cook: 30 mins Makes 15 pieces Method: PREHEAT fan forced oven to 180°C (200°C conventional). LINE a medium baking tin with greaseproof paper. IN one bowl combine all the wet ingredients, perfect for a Magimix! IN a separate bowl, sift and combine all the dry ingredients. GENTLY combine the two mixtures and pour into lined...

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Mini Banana Walnut Muffins

Thanks to the team at Simple Nourishment, we have a great recipe to get the July school holidays up and running with some deliciousness. “…With some children finishing school this week, and others finishing next week, you may not want to think about the school holidays but they are coming, so what better way to meet them other than head on and organised!   For us, time in the kitchen is therapeutic and lovely and warm and fuzzy, we...

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Chewy Almond Butter Bars

CHEWY ALMOND BUTTER BARS from Simple Nourishment After school activities less the mess! With after school activities in full swing for this term, we’re always needing ways to get from A to B and maybe even C with stable energy levels that ensures children are fueled for the learning ahead. But let’s be honest, processed packaged ‘stuff’ just doesn’t do the job! And, while we’re being honest, if we’re...

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Crunchy Seed Bars

Crunchy Seed Bars from Simple Nourishment There’s just a couple of things you need to know about this recipe. Firstly, they are EASY to make. Secondly, they are DELICIOUS. Perfect for a school lunch box, or to have on hand for that afternoon craving you get when you realise you’ve been so frantic all day that you haven’t eaten anything since breakfast! The details: Prep: 8 minutes Cook: 15 minutes Makes: 15 pieces Ingredients:...

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Lemon and Cashew Balls

Lemon and cashew balls These are an easy, yummy, healthy way to provide a super snack. The kids can help make them, and they’d be scrumptious in a lunch box or for an after school nibble. Yummo! Thanks to Simple Nourishment for such a yummy treat. What you really want to know is: These only take about 12 minutes to make This amount of ingredients makes 12 balls The balls keep refrigerated for up to 2 weeks They are DELISH!! What you need:...

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3 ingredient fruit cake

3-ingredient fruit cake from The Colourful Housewife An easy, delicious cake. This one would be a nice one for the holidays when you don’t really want to spend too long in the kitchen! Ingredients: 1 kilo of dried fruit 2 Cups of self raising flour 2 1/2 cups of fruit juice (or orange, peach, tropical…) Method: Place fruit and juice in a container with a lid on it and let sit over night Preheat oven to 160 degrees Add the flour into...

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No Rice Fried Rice

This recipe is a good way to get veggies into your kids (and husband!), while also lowering how many carbs you’re consuming. How? Swapping rice for cauliflower of course! This is a great dinner recipe from The Colourful Housewife. What you’ll need: 1 full cauliflower with the florets broken off ready 100 grams of ham, chicken or prawns 1/2 a zucchini 1 onion 2 eggs 1/2 a  red capsicum 1 cup of mixed peas and corn 1 tablespoon of...

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3 ingredient Rainbow Fudge

This 3 ingredient Rainbow Fudge from The Colourful Housewife is a very versatile recipe. You can make it with different types of chocolate and biscuits so that it suits your taste but the rainbow is a kids favourite of course! Ingredients Block of white chocolate (we use Cadbury) Tin or condensed Milk Packet of chocolate plain biscuits, we use Marie or Arrowroot What to do: Break the block of chocolate into pieces and add to a microwave bowl...

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Vegetable, Bacon and Sausage Scroll

This Vegetable, Bacon and Sausage Scroll from The Colourful Housewife makes a 4kg scroll (lots to share) and would make a delicious lunch or dinner. I’m going to make this on the weekend as I think it’d be good served hot or cold. Yum! Ingredients: 1kg Sausage mince 250g bacon 2 carrots 1 large onion 1 cup broccoli 1 cup sweet potato 4 sheets puff pastry 4 sage leaves 1/2 cup parsley 1/4 cup basil 4 garlic cloves 1 egg salt &...

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Chocolate Coconut Rough Brownies

If you’re like me, then you’re probably fairly infatuated with coconut. And brownies. Some favourite easy snacks of ours involve sliced banana covered in coconut, and mixed dried fruit blended with a dash of milk and coconut oil, then rolled and covered in coconut. Mmmm. So yummy. BUT. If you want to actually make something that takes a few moments longer, requires a few more ingredients and is a WHOLE lot tastier and presentable...

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Picnic Bar Slice

This chocolate slice recipe from The Colourful Housewife is a winner. It doesn’t say you have to try to mixture as you go, but I would highly recommend it. I mean, you’ve gotta check it tastes okay right? 🙂 Picnic Bar Slice Ingredients: 1 Cup of mixed unsalted nuts 1 Block cooking chocolate, we use Cadbury 1/2 Tin of caramel (can purchase in the baking isle of your supermarket) 1 Packet of cream wafer biscuits 1 Picnic bar Method:...

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Peppermint Fudge Slice

Okay everyone. Just relax. Take a deep breath. Yes, this is a peppermint. Yes, this is fudge. Yes, you will probably die of happiness when you take your first bite. Yes, yes, yes. The Colourful Housewife has done it again! Enjoy! Peppermint Fudge Slice 1 Tin of condensed milk 1 Block of white cooking chocolate 1 Packet of Marie biscuits 1 Peppermint Crisp bar 1 Block of peppermint chocolate, we use Cadbury 2 Drops of green food colouring...

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