What an awesome opportunity this week to chew the fat with Gene Peterson, creative director and percussionist extraordinaire (that’s my personal description, not his) from none other than my favourite family Fringe show from last year, 360 ALLSTARS!

If you are not familiar with past performances, 360 Allstars can be described as ‘radical urban circus’ – connecting street with the elite, and it’s a show like no other that will honestly engage ALL ages. These guys have been seven years globally touring their high energy tricks, mixing video projection, music/beats, freestyle MC/beat boxer , crafty BMX moves, roue cry wheel, extreme basketball, break dance and generally exploring all things rotation!

Good news – we will be seeing 360 ALLSTARS again at Adelaide Fringe 2019. They will be taking it next level with THREE new cast members and a cranking new show 15 Feb – 17 March (in a convenient new location – The Moa Gluttony.)

A phenomenal physical performance exploring all forms of rotation
BMX Flatlander, Breakdancers, Basketball Freestyle, MC & Beatboxer, Percussion/Beats, Roue Cyr Wheel, Lighting & More!

So, here is a few of the burning questions I had for Gene:

What do you love about Adelaide Fringe? Absorbing the community vibe, every one is in town, every one is accessible and in the one spot at once. It is truly unique and one up on Edinburgh because the weather is also great! We love it and definitely feel loved in Adelaide.

Was there one ‘light bulb’ moment in the conception of this show, or how did it come to fruition? No, not one light bulb moment. I just started thinking – what if we removed all limiting parameters of creating a great show – you know, re inventing a circus, what would I want it to look like if there were no rules, no boundaries and we removed all parameters? I came up with some pretty cool concepts, (yep most of them break my brain Gene), of bikes and beats and extreme talent out side of the scope of normal and worked back from there. We love creating a momentum that builds and builds. All of our art forms feature rotation (think about it) hence the 360 in our name.

Do you get a chance to catch other Fringe shows while you are in town and what do you enjoy? Yes definitely. Sometimes we see total surprise packages and other times it’s brilliant to see acts that you have followed on the circuit for so long but have never been in the same place at the same time to see. It’s motivating and often idea inspiring too!

(Cringe – I always ask this question……) Have your crew ever had any epic on stage fails or accidents? What you guys do is so tricky and risky and pushes all limits! No nothing bad. Often we can’t pull off a stunt first time, but that just adds to the momentum of the show. Also our cast are super professionals, the elite of the elite, and if something goes wrong, they generally know very well how to ‘fall out’ of a trick safely and that just adds to the suspense and the reward is greater for the audience when they realise how difficult some of these tricks really are!

Why should our followers see you? Well a lot of reasons! To be honest, each of these artists are worth the price of admission alone… not to mention it’s an internationally acclaimed show that’s sold out on every continent. World champion athletes and world class performers, with a killer live sound track and stunning video projections. It’s a feast for the senses! Right now we’re on a national tour of 100 shows in 114 days, before we head back overseas touring till 2020, so now’s the chance to catch it while we’re in town!

How would you suggest a kid gets into this kind of show? Do they need some serious skills and talent or what? Not talent, I don’t ever want kids to think that they are not good enough. It’s passion and practice. Like every opportunity you get, be doing what you love. That’s how you become elite and any one can do that. It just requires a whole load of dedication and discipline. You don’t have to start out a natural. You do have to practice thousands and thousands of hours. Literally spend every waking hour.

Any thing else to add Gene? Just to come and see us! We truly are a stand out internationally acclaimed show (Kids in Adelaide agree!) We love Adelaide Fringe and your festival really allows us to be a product of our surroundings, which are high calibre, unique and amazing.

Search tickets here: https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/360-allstars-af2019 

Worth noting: The cast will again be available after the show selling some pretty rad merch and for photos, autographs and a chat. (We loved this last year!)

Hanging with the crew after last years Fringe show.