Here is a beautiful, intimate fairy show that will leave you feeling warm, fuzzy a little bit magical and like your Fringe Bucks were well spent!

We think this show is ideal for 2-6 year old boys and girls and we attended dressed up in our fairy best, (ok – I didn’t, my five year old did).

An intimate show, the kids will spend most of it on their feet.

Miss five spent the entire show on her feet ‘learning’ in a fairy school environment. All of the kids did. Our favourite was Fairy Jack – he was completely convincing and you’ll just want to love him for both his insecurities and his enthusiasm.

The show is nicely balanced between music, dancing and narrative. We also loved the numerous opportunities for audience participation and take our hats off to the brave Dads that were welcomed on stage and participated. Honestly, seeing Dads just dig in like that makes our hearts sing.

Photos were offered with Fairy Jasmine and Fairy Jack after the show and music and wands were for sale.

The show delivered some subtle messages around kindness, sharing and the like, ideal for pre schoolers.

Miss fives favourite part: Fairy Jack asking questions about the tooth fairy and how she gets the teeth. Don’t hesitate to grab tickets for this one, it’s a big YES from the fairy loving Kids in Adelaide team.

Grab tickets here: adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/the-fairy-wonderland-show-af2020


Get ready to laugh, sing and dance in a fairy ring with Australia’s newest and cutest fairy show! The Fairy Wonderland Show is the ultimate interactive musical comedy show for kids. Not only is it laugh out loud funny, but also encourages a heartfelt message about diversity and self-love.

Through an enchanting series of upbeat fairy songs, the audience is taken on a hilarious magical journey as they are welcomed into the quirky halls of ‘Fairy School’ where they will meet the most enthusiastic professor ‘Fairy Jasmine’, who needs lots of help from the audience in teaching goofy newcomer ‘Fairy Jack’ the ways of the fairies, and what it truly means to be a real fairy. Dust off your magic dancing shoes, throw on some wings and come along on a fairy adventure you’ll never forget!