Here is a really fun pub that’s not to be overlooked for eating out with the kids! The Mile End is a bit of an iconic and historic pub that we have surely all had a pre show drink (or six) at before wandering down the road for a Thebbie Theatre gig.

Honestly this place is actually a bright breath of fresh air, quite literally popping with art deco colour and an abundance of quirky nooks and crannies to comfy down in with your fam. September is Family Foodie Month and we are stoked to tell you that kids eat free!

*Conditions apply, valid Mon-Thurs, 4-6pm, 1 kids meal with a main meal purchased, under 10yo.

Our recent visit was early on a weeknight and it was the perfect break from the usual domestic kitchen hustle after work, sport and the days seemingly endless life admin tasks. Booking a table early meant that the pub wasn’t yet overly busy and the kids loved the space to explore the art and the many seating areas and options – finally deciding on a conventional table and chair set up in the front dining area. (….just when I was all for slouching on a lounge or lazing in a booth, maybe next time).

The menu offers traditional pub food plus quality restaurant style options, and our experience was exceptional. Our adult meals were faultless, large servings, and full of fresh flavour. The kids meals were simple traditional ‘pub fare’ with a nice lot of options to select from. Sadly (I’m the sad one) my kids don’t stray far from main stream fish and chips / nuggets and chips, and they didn’t disappoint.

A colouring activity sheet and banter with the fun young staff kept our favourite little people busy until meals arrived and the kids quickly rated the garlic bread a solid 10/10. Miss five also took her job of loading up the little box/carrier with salt and pepper and condiments to bring back to the table very seriously. Funny what amuses kids – this was her highlight (plus the toilet walls – go figure, they matched her dress).

The kids finished with ice cream and ice magic for dessert (a rare treat for good behaviour if I’m honest) and it really was almost too pretty for the kids!

Good to know the kitchen is open all day, seven days – because we are all for the early dinner.

If there are pokies at this pub (and I *think* there is) they were not in sight from the main bar or any of the eating areas main entrances or exits. We think this probably appeals to a lot of parents who have younger kids that are dazzled by the bright lights and sounds.

On our way out we introduced the kids to pinball for a bit of fun. Gee it has been a while and my ability is uh…..yeah, still ordinary.

Find The Mile End Hotel at 30 Henley Beach Rd, Mile End

Phone:  08 8443 4756

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